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Night and Day is a dating sim visual novel about art, coming of age, and jazz music.

When Paul moves to Paris in 1950, pursuing his dream of becoming a great artist, he meets an assortment of other "bohemians" trying to live out their dreams, be it becoming a painter like Paul, a writer, or a jazz musician. Help him to achieve success, choose a love interest, take him on dates, and live a romantic adventure!

Meet the main characters!

Paul, the protagonist,  comes from a small village where everyone knew him as the only gay boy in town.  He's brimming with enthusiasm about his new life in Paris!

Emile is a well-known artist who feels disenchanted and tired. His only remaining passions are drinking and painting. He used to sleep around and is openly gay and thinks nothing of social roles or morals.

Bernard met Emile when working as a painter’s model, and they were in a relationship for a couple of years. They remain friends. Bernard works at a café and writes in the evenings, but his dream of becoming a great author is further and further away, so he’s going through a depression and rethinking his life’s choices.

Gilles, Romani, plays the guitar in the street. He’s cheeky, vibrant, and passionate... and a liar. He acts childish and has a tendency to get into trouble, but he's lived too much for his age and can be cold and mean when he drops the façade of the cheerful and immature guy.

Ferdinand works at night in the 55 Jazz Club as a barman and watches full-time over his elder sister, Ophelia, who sings in the club and is currently dating a mafia boss. He doesn’t trust people easily, due to a rough childhood and teenage years in the Antilles, going through hunger and abuse in different relatives’ houses. He always puts his sister before his own needs.

Denis and Nathalie are a young couple who rent a room to Paul and give him a part-time job. Denis introduces Paul to a new world of jazz music and underground clubs!

Nathalie is Paul's new boss at the flower shop, always eager to teach him a thing or two about surviving in Paris.

Ophelia is Ferdinand's sister, a happy-go-lucky girl who finds herself suddenly in trouble.

Full game features:

  • Four love interests.
  • Interactive map to choose the location you want to visit.
  • Skippable raising stats (they are not necessary if you just want to see the love interest's route, but it adds more endings and extra scenes).
  • Around 200k words.
  • +18 and +15 options available in the game's settings.
  • Top and bottom options in the sexy scenes.

Demo features:

  • 24.5k words, with the first week of Paul in Paris and introducing Gilles, Emile, Ferdinand, and Bernard.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Map of Paris and introducing the stats and calendar system.

The team:

  • Writing and coding: yours truly, Ertal.

You can buy the OST of Night and Day straight from the composer!  >>  https://fricochet.itch.io/night-day-soundtrack

Adult content warning: This visual novel contains explicit sexual scenes between consenting adults. All the scenes are male x male.

However, they aren't the main focus of the game, and you can choose to play the censored version (choice available in the game's options menu).

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorErtal Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBoys' Love, Coming Of Age, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, poc-characters, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksSteam, Soundtrack, Steam, Twitter, Community, Patreon, Kickstarter


Get this Visual Novel and 7 more for $45.68 USD
View bundle
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If I buy the game here will there also be a Steam key provided or would I have to buy them separately?

A Steam key is available through your purchase page here, of course!

Hello.  I have come across some problems while playing your game. When playing through Bernards route sometimes the game crashes cause they said there is some error. There was also that when i got the option to pick a date with him the options would not disapear after, so it was there until the game crashed again. Last problem was that after the sex scene with him i could not click on the next place i wanted to visit/go to. 

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I finally finished all the routes, I love them all but Emile is still my favorite. (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

Question - just for fun I tried to accomplish the "set Bernard up with Gilles" option I saw in the guide. I got a heart with Gilles and made sure to keep out of his and Bernard's routes. Stuck strictly to the guide every day. When Emile says he's worried about Bernard and asks if Paul knows anyone he could introduce to him, Paul thought of Gilles. But then in the rest of the playthrough nothing else happened. Are there other scenes I failed to trigger or was that it?

Hi! On Friday 26th March, if you go to the riverbank in the afternoon, you can take Gilles to the café and introduce him to Bernard ;)

There's also the option of encouraging Emile to get back with Bernard.

I'm happy you liked all the routes!

Thank you for the info. 💜 After I stopped choosing to see Gilles and just go straight to painting a few times, the Gilles option disappeared from when I chose the riverbank in the afternoons. I'll experiment with choosing him a few more times to see if it will remain available to me any trigger the scene on that date. That sounds cute. :3

Also - so I've played Emile like five times for my own enjoyment as well as still trying to get the Montmartre date scene. Paul successfully asks him every time but the scene never happens no matter where I choose to go that Sunday or the next. I know this is kind of a stretch and I respect if the answer is no, but is there any way to maybe just let me watch a recording of it? I really want to see it. :'( Scruffy chibi Emile is the absolute cutest. If no, it's ok. Didn't want you to feel pressured, but just thought I'd ask.

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Hello.I have some problems with Gilles' route.I followed all  days when i visited  with him on the morning  and had lunch on March 12. However,  he didn't show up on March 15th and I can't either visit him  on Monday/Wednesday/Friday because there is no options and every time i getting  "I spend the morning paiting " .I played his route untill march 29 and game still won't let me visit him.Your guide says that these days I can catch up, but seems they doesn't work for me.Everything works fine with others routes.

Thank you, I'll take a look. He should appear on March 15th in the evening for you.


Thank you very much.And I apologize in advance that I forgot to mention that this is the steam version.

Hi there! I hope I am not bothering you with this. I played the demo and very much enjoyed it and decided to get the full game. I wanted to buy on itch.io but couldn't because I don't have paypal. Also, it is slightly less pricy in my currency on Steam so I bought it there. Until I noticed it was windows only... I am on Mac right now and therefore cannot play. Is there any way for me to access the Mac file? I am really bummed out ;^; Thank you for reading, I wish you a nice day



Answer this comment with your report and I'll fix it asap.

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Hi. I have this game on Steam. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, then I started new save games. I'm having problems with the end of Ferdinand's route. It gets to the point he says "see you later", but then it won't progress past the radio conversation with Denis and Nat. I'm trying to be vague, so if you need more details let me know. Once it gets to a certain point it begins running through the lines again. 

This happened before the patch on Bernard's route for me too. I don't know if I skipped to many scenes trying to get my art stats up or if I tried to push it too late in the game. I also ran into the bug with Bernard's route where it stopped on the 24th and wouldn't let me choose anything at all (this was prior to the patch). 

I can test run things again if that's helpful. I tried to follow the guide, but I'm having trouble meeting the art stat requirement (for the exhibitions) and getting the time for all the scenes. 

Thank you for your time. I really do like your game. 

After testing Bernard's route again, I was able to get it to work. Still having trouble with Ferdinand. 

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. So you haven't found any error in Bernard's route in the 1.2 version, then?

The art stats requirements are now slightly lower, so I hope you find it easier to achieve them (although that part was thoroughly tested in the four routes, and they were more than possible to achieve even before the update, I give you my word!).

Could you tell me what day is it that you find that error in Ferdinand's route? That would help me to find the error and fix it, because so far I haven't been able to replicate it. Thank you so much for all the trouble!

I'm sorry about the confusing post. Yes, the problems with Bernard's route were resolved thanks to the patch. 

As for Ferdinand, I get the scene at his house where he's cold on April 1st. Then when I come home Denis says that the 55's owner phoned. On April 2nd, if I try to go to Ferdinand's house I get the sex scene again. If I just go to the riverfront then go home, then Denis progresses. April 4th I go about my day, then when I come home for dinner the story seems to progress again with an update from Denis. April 5th the text indicates that it's my day off, but it's a Tuesday not a Sunday. April 7th it says the part about jumping to their feet when they hear the doorbell. On the night of April 8th, the conversation from April 2nd repeats. I tried going to the 55 on the night of April 2nd, but then on April 3rd the screen was locked. 

I hope this isn't confusing. I'll try starting again from the beginning. 

Okay I completely restarted Ferdinand's path. I made sure to hit all the necessary art points to not lengthen the romance more than necessary. I got to April 1st. Denis and Nat talked to me about being sad when I returned from 55, but when I tried to continue past the conversation it takes me to a new day. The only selectable option on the new day is the riverfront for painting, but the text says "Testing label: something seems to have gone wrong..." 

Again, sorry if this is confusing. I think this time it progressed further before I reached an error, but I still wasn't able to get to the end of Ferdinand's path. 

Thank you very much for your help, I'll check it asap.

I LOVE the main romance story, the characters are precious, the art is beautiful, and the bottom/top option is seriously great. I also love the fact that Paul gains affection points based on how and where and with who he chooses to spend his time every day. I love all of your VNs so much 😭 

But I'm struggling with the art stat system on this one. Even following the guide perfectly for each day and week (thank you for kindly providing that) and even when my stats match what the guide recommends for certain encounters, the art dealer continues to reject Paul in my three play throughs of Emile's route.

I am playing the newest version in the itch app with no previous version save files.

Honestly, wether it's a glitch or operator error....the system itself is my negative feedback. Yes I see the art stats are stated as optional but it feels deeply frustrating to fail and watch Paul get rejected. It is also extremely distracting and takes away from story immersion to repeatedly have to check the date and count the little stats boxes to try and plan ahead for which subject to learn. It would be so nice to just choose casually for fun, and watch Paul win like protagonists are supposed to.

I'm sorry for complaining, but I wanted to give my feedback for future releases. If everyone else thinks the stats system is fun then you have to go with what will make the most people happy. But my request is that if future releases have similar systems, would it be possible to have an easy mode where you can still get the best ending simply through affection points? (I wish there could be an "easy mode" without the art stats system released as an update to this one but I understand if that's not possible.)

I want to stress again that I absolutely love the stories you create and I hope you will release many more. 💜


Thank you for your feedback! It's so weird that you're not passing the art dealer scene... That part has been thoroughly tested and I never found a problem with it!

Anyway, and although I do love stat-raising games (Long Live the Queen is one of my favourite VNs, and you must definitely play it with the guide open on a different tab if you want to reach most of the endings), it's obvious by now that most VN players dislike them. To be honest, Night and Day has been hellish to code, and it's the part that delayed the release for a whole year. On top of that, even with lots of playtesting, bugs are still happening, which is as infuriating for me as a dev as for you as a player :/  So I can assure you my next games won't have any kind of stat-raising system, and will focus only on the story, and choosing different options for the characters.

The only thing I can do by now is lowering the stats requirement for the art dealer in the next update. I hope that will help with the game's enjoyment, even if it's a little bit.

I will wait and try playing again after the update. 💜🙏 Thank you for that kindness. (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)

I love stat raising VNs. That was one of the main appeals of Night & Day for me. I think you did great with this first attempt.🥲

heyy is it possible to upload the mac vers on steam? i'd buy it here but i dont use paypal

From Catalina onwards, Steam started to ask the devs who want to post a Mac version for a certified Mac partner issue, which is not only paid but also a rather complicated process, even more if you don't own a Mac computer :(  

I can try making an "all OSes" build for Steam, but I don't know if that will work (I know it works for Linux users, but Linux isn't as restrictive as Mac).

Hi Ertal!
I'm loving the game so far,  Ferdinand and Gilles are my favorites!

I have a couple of bugs to report, so SPOILERS:

(Note that I'm going after the Ferdinand route and mostly working in the shop in the mornings and training with Emile in the afternoons)

1. After the first couple of weeks, if I go to the River Bank to paint in the mornings I always get the "Today, I feel rather lost" script and I get no points in my art training whatsoever. However, I train with Emile in the afternoons all the time so it feels like it shouldnt be like that.

2. I have gotten the afternoon date with Gilles (the one where you go to the cafe, Paul tells him the story about the girl at the flower shop and the Gilles kisses Paul in the mouth "as a friend" three times so far in random afternoons.

3. Sophie's morning visit at the flower shop (the one where Paul convinces her to visit Henri at the River Bank) has happened twice so far, altough she has already met Henri at the river bank and Henri has thanked Paul for it.

It feels like maybe I did something that causes these parts of code to repeat themselves every week (or maybe every day for bug 1)

I'd be happy to give you more info if you need to get to the bottom of this!

Oh, thank you, I'll take a look as soon as possible! 

For the first error, do you train art basics with Emile in the afternoon? Since you only get art basics points when you practice on your own, those are the points the game checks: you need a minimum (that increases each week) to keep progressing on your own. 

For the second, the evening scene with Gilles only happens on Friday... but I'll check the variables so you can only get it once. I guess I made a typo again! *sigh *😭 The third must be the same kind of error. I hope the next update is the definitive one! 

Thanks for the reply!
It's possible I dont have enough Art Basics points because I was seduced by the other art-related points... I will try to get a few more and get back at you.

Okay, I am back with further to report:

1. I got a lot more art basics points but I'm still getting the same message at the river bank in the mornings... but maybe it's just too late to have enough art basics points at this point.

2. If I go back to the house in the evening, Nathalia and Denis tell me that Club 55 is closed and Ophelia and Ferdinand have dissapeared!
However, in these same evenings I can still go to Club 55 and it's open and functional (but without Fer or Ophelia in there), and I can also visit Ferdinand in his house and he shows up as if nothing's wrong (there was even a sex scene between Fer and Paul).

3. If I go to Ferdinand's house after having had sex he is cold to Paul and doesnt let him in. BUT if I go again the next day there is a buggy scene where it shows me Nathalia outside the flower shop while repeating the text where Paul and Fer make out before having sex ("He hums in agreement against my lips, etc etc"), then it skips to the bottoming scene with Paul and Fer.

I'm playing the 1.1 version, by the way, but using saves I made halfway through the game in the 1.0 version.

Another update:

After that, I get Ferdinand refusing to let me in his house again, then the next day I can only go to the river bank (be it morning, afternoon or evening) where I get an error message in spanish :/

Hmmm... Those bugs were supposedly fixed some updates ago (and they definitely doesn't exist in my code anymore), so I think they show up because you're using old saves. The only remaining issue I can find in the current version is the game finishing once you reach 3rd April (because it was initially coded that way).

Hello! first of all I want to mention two things; the first one is: Congratulations for completing the game! I had it in reserve a long time ago and it was a pleasure to play it. And now I'm sorry if you don't understand well what I'm saying, since I'm using a translator (I'm from Chile, in Latin America).

I liked the game! I already played the 4 routes with their good endings, and so far I only need to win the last art exhibition, although I don't know if you get another ending for that or if it's just an extra.

Something I want to highlight is the soundtrack, it is simply beautiful, also the development of the characters I like a lot, as Emile, Bernard, Gilles and Fernidand leave their bad habits and have a better quality of life after the protagonist appeared in their lives.

The detail that all the characters as love interests are versatile I loved. I never imagined seeing Emile as bottom.

The fact that he is interactive as to "what" to do was very eye catching and entertaining. And the letters at the end of each day was very helpful when he doesn't quite figure out what happened and so to know how Paul is developing, seeing his friend I really liked, it really is a nice friendship despite their attempt at romance, so I'm not going to lie, I was expecting a jealousy scene, but that's just a somewhat toxic taste on my part.

There are things I didn't like or feel could be improved; mainly the visuals. The images they show you on the game's purchase screen and the others in the game are different. Not to detract from the artist's art, but the sudden change in quality and design was disappointing. 

There are some bugs with gift giving and dating, as it happened to me that it would simply crash the game if I tried to give a gift or the dates would never happen.

The requirements to obtain certain scenes are complicated to fulfill, especially in the case of the art exhibition, since in the case of Giles' route, he simply would not go to paint to interact with him, or in the Fernidand who always tried to go to his house or be in the club, so there was not much chance to raise skills and therefore that the protagonist develops his own career. Except for Emilie's case where I think there is development in Paul's career and there is more chance of fulfilling the art exhibitions. I would like that regardless of the route, Paul has his own ending.

Thank you for your detailed review! Although you could have left it in Spanish since I'm from Spain XDD

About the art, we did our best to have the most unified style possible, but take into account that there were five artists plus the ones for the chibi scenes, and even within each artist, some variations are bound to happen since they work in different projects at the same time. 

I'm working on the bugs fixes right now, and about the difficulty level to get some of the achievements... Well, that's why I made a guide, so you could choose what days to spend with your love interest and what days to spend raising stats.

All in all, I'm glad you had an entertaining time with the game and that you enjoyed the plot and the characters! 


I donno if this is just me or not, but i'm having issues with your fast forwarding mech. Like it fast forwards really well.. kinda to well I'd say haha. Like it just keeps going, and skips the choice on flower shop/riverside for morning/afternoon. I don't know what it is picking for me, but I figured I'd let you know to see if you could maybe put in some fast forwarding stops on those selection screens xD.

Have you touched anything that you shouldn't? (cracking the code, I mean). It's impossible that the skip function doesn't stop at elections, map included.


Hi, I played Gilles' and Ferdinand's routes last month and really enjoyed them. But when I tried playing Bernard's route today, I couldn't get to the end. The day after the sex scene (it happens on march 24 for me, even though I tried following the guide), I can't pick any place to go. Everything is locked. I don't see any comment about that, so maybe it's because of the last update? (or I messed up somehow)

Ive got an issue aswell, for somereason Im at a point were the screen just says "Test, a ver donde leches esta el error".

Same here. I also have this error in Emile's route. At some point I couldn't continue with either of those routes. 

Thank you for the feedback, I'll check it out!

Hiii!!! Congrats for your released on Steam! I have a question, I see that in Itch you have the game for Mac, there will be for Mac in steam too?? Thanks for your attention!

Hello and thank you! The newest version of Mac requires game devs to fill in some paperwork and pay a yearly tax... which I'm sorry to say isn't worth it with the little number of downloads from Mac users I get. I know many Mac users do some kind of trick in order to be able to overcome this inconvenience and download indie games anyway, so they can play the itchio version. However, Steam doesn't even allow me to upload an old Mac version, so the game will only have a Mac build for itchio.

I can make a post asking about how to bypass Mac's features and play indie games on your computer, if you want.

Heey! Thats so sweet of you, really, but I don't want to inconvenience you, I have another computer in my home so I guess I can wait a couple of months until then I play there! (I knew I should buy it here, in itch:( ) if you see there are a lot of people who have the same issue, then the post can be a good ideated we will be very grateful, but again, don't stress yourself with this kinda stuff, I guess the wait can make me more hype! 

oh, before I forget it, the game "Ex assault" will be the same? only for windows? 

Have a great day!

Yes: it's easier to make an Android port than a Mac build!


I got an email saying this game was released on Steam (had it wishlisted), but I don't see an option to claim a Steam key under my download page. How can I go about getting my Steam key? Thanks!

I've just made a devlog about it, thank you for reminding me!

(1 edit)

If possible could I ask what relationship dynamics are between Paul and the 4 romancible characters? 

Atleast in face-value its hard for me to see Paul be the agressor to anyone except Gilles. 

Thanks for the time.

I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "the aggressor", but if you're asking about sex dynamics, you can choose in each +18 scene to top or to bottom.

If you need clarification about any other aspect of their relationships, I'll be glad to answer!


I love the game so far an congrats on the release!

At first exhibition the guide says I need to have 19 conf to to get invited again and the most I was able to get was 16. Is there other ways to get conf other than randomly from the shop? I'm trying to get Giles route so I don't go to the shop as often.

You also get confidence boosts when you sell a painting, in the river.

So, I'm going to raise some issues I had with the game, but I want to keep in mind that, overall, I liked the characters and the story.

The first is kind of on me in that I don't get why anyone likes stat raising visual novels. For me they ALWAYS devolve into me just finding a guide and following it to the letter which, at that point, it may as well have been a kinetic visual novel with no choices at all. But to the point of this specific visual novel, what is the point of over half the stats in the game? From what I can tell the only stats that REALLY matter are art basics and to a lesser extent colour theory, and on the social side confidence, eloquence and persuasion. That leaves a huge amount of skills that you may need one or two points in for the best ending, but end up being almost completely unused.

Now, I don't like to offer criticism without offering some form of solution. I think, rather than requiring an arbitrary number in certain skill categories for the best ending (according to the guide it is art basics 40, colour 20, all art skills +3, and confidence +25) instead require a total of 70 across any art skills and 25 across any social skills. That way your character would feel a little more unique in their art style and social approach. You could even have small snippets of dialogue from the art dealer depending on what the highest art skill is, highlighting your character's specific approach to art.

Secondly, I kept hitting an error message in many of my runs that completely stopped the game dead. And not a Renpy error page but an error written into the text of the game. "Test, a ver donde leches esta el error". It completely stopped all forward progress and rolling back didn't change it. Errors happen, but it is still frustrating to have a run through completely bricked because of it.

The writing isn't perfect English, but in all honesty I actually think it's a little charming. As if the characters are all actually speaking French and it's being translated a little loosely for the reader.

Onto the good. Despite their flaws I actually really liked all of the characters, which is rare for a VN. Usually there is one clear favourite, but I think I liked all of them about the same The setting as well is great, and I really got caught up in the post WW2 new wave of art and philosophy. I'm not familiar enough with the time period to say how accurate the portrayal is, but as a setting it is very good. The 18+ scenes are also very well written. In some games they can come across as a bit cringey (and entirely impractical) but these felt very realistic and well thought out.

The art style and character design is great. Emile is my favourite, but all of the love interests are well designed, and even the side characters have great character design.

All in all, I'd say it is well worth the price, but I really hope the dev does some bug fixes to make the game a bit smoother and maybe adjusts the stat raising mechanics a bit.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Actually, I think your solution would work well, but I'll have to check if it can be implemented or not: the more leeway the game gives to the player, the more prone to prompt a bug it is, as you have already seen. That error message you keep encountering means precisely that, that the game system doesn't know what scene it should go to next. It would help me a lot if you could tell me, here or in a PM, what day in the game you find that screen. Right now I can only work on the game on the weekends, so I'll try to fix everything I can right away, before Monday.

I'm glad you are enjoying the story and the characters, despite the game's flaws!

I've been trying to buy this game through itch.io and every time I press pay with paypal it redirects me to the itch.io homepage.

That's strange, because paypal is the default payment option for this game. Could you write to itchio support, please? It's not something I can do anything about on my side, I'm really sorry.


Hey  Ertal, Congrats on your release! It's crazy that it's finally here. 5/5!


Thank you so much! Still fixing bugs and waiting for Steam's approval, though! 

I’m sorry to bother but will this be available on steam or do I need to buy it here?


Yes, of course it will be available on Steam! Fixing some things for it to get approved (adding and removing features from the store page, like captions, stats, or partial controller availability).

(1 edit)

Can we have a walkthrough?... honestly I tried tree routes and I am able to complete only one. In the beginning of april in Ferdinand  route with 4 hearts I cannot do any action, the game give me an error...


This weekend I'll check all the variables around the last week of March: everything works fine for me, but since a few errors keep appearing for some people, I'll make sure they get fixed for everyone.

As for a walkthrough, there's a guide available on the downloads section of this page! ;)


I was playing emile's route (got 3 hearts), but the game suddenly put me on bernard's route around march  26th :(

I have problems with March 24th in Bernard's route, i cant seem to click on the icons at all and i tried reloading and all but nothing, hope u can help :)

Me too

Deleted 98 days ago

hi! I am getting a similar error that was mentioned below for (March 8th) but for April 3rd/4th. Enjoying the game otherwise so far!   

This was already reported by another player, but it will take longer to fix. I didn't program more days after April 3rd because I thought all the players would get an ending, good or bad, before that, so now I need to extend the days, let's say a week more. Make a save of your game and maybe start over and go for another route in the meanwhile? Remember there's a guide, too, if you want to go straight to one route more easily.

Nooo i was really exited about the release but now i cant play it because the screen keeps flickering black and it hurts my eyes so i get a headache :

Does anyone has the same problem?

That sounds like a problem with your video card. But it's odd because visual novels don't use a lot of video resources.

The thing is i play a lot on my PC and this never happend in any other game (including your other games). Even games like Cyberpunk 2077 work without a struggle. I ran a few tests earlyer to see if any hardwear, video card or graphic card problems show while i played again but nothing. I had the same problem with the demo on my old PC too.

Then perhaps the game didn't unzip or install correctly, sometimes it happens. Can you try deleting it and downloading it again?

i already did that but tried again just now. Sadly its still there

Hi, I'm pretty sure it's a game related problem since my game also flickers a lot and it is hard to play it.


Okay, I asked around about this problem. Let's see!

1. Does it happen only in full-screen mode? If that's the case, it can be that another Windows process is interfering, like the notifications system.

2. Open the game and then click on Shift + G. It will open the following menu:

Try another option for your renderer: that should solve performance issues. Renpy games choose OpenGL first if it's available, so that could be the option that it's giving you issues.

I hope this helps!


I have some Problems with Ferdinants Story,
when I'm on Dates with him it mix the Dates with others  like Gilles and Emile  and I never approached  the other ones,
and further in the Story when I'm going back from his home I can't access anything anymore like going back home etc,


and the Story isn't fitting like he disappeared with his sis and I can still visit his home and can go on Dates with him, o.O

I hope it can be fixed somehow in an update , I Love the Game and the Storys is so nice T_T

Can you DM me through Discord or Twitter, or send me an email to ertal77@hotmail.com? I'd like to ask you a few details.

Thank you for the fast answer :) 

I messaged you via E-Mail,

I hope my Comment didn't come out aggressively T_T

English isn't my first Language

No, don't worry! You are helping a lot with your feedback, I'm very grateful. I'll check it and try to fix the errors as soon as possible.

seems i am having similar issues. even completely restarted ferdinand's route, and attempted to ignore all other potential suitors.  cannot finish this route. last day noticed was march 31.

playing on a lenovo yoga 7 with amd 6800u.

Have had a very similar experience with Ferdinands route, even left a description, but seems it has been deleted.  on march 31. have been romantic with Ferd. roomates have gone to the club to talk to police, can still go to fer and ophilias house, but it seems like it is suddenly back to the first time i dropped by the house.  talking to emile, i get discussion of bernard, who i have ignored.

the game seems like it will be fantastic, but having issues with ferdinands route.


Thank you! Your comment is not deleted, I can see it as a comment to another person who had the same problem. I'm sorry, I haven't got the time to solve it yet, but I'll do it as soon as possible (hopefully in a few hours). 

YES FINALLY XD!! When is it going to be released on Steam?


The build was already sent to the Steam review team, so as soon as they approve it

wait ohh nooo its paypal only?? crying


I can't get past day March 9 is say where i want to go and my only option is the river bank then I click it and the message is saying (test a ver donde leches el error)then it repeats

Can you message me through Twitter, Discord or email so I can ask you more details? 


Where do I message you on discord


Same as the previous user. It gets to march 8th ends the day and asks if you want to go home. Then the jazz club isn't available and the only option is to click the artist hangout before it gives the error "test a ver donde leches el error".

Please, roll back and make a save at the end of your previous scene. I'll update the game tomorrow and you'll be able to keep going from the point you were in.  It seems to be just a typo on a variable, so easy to fix. 

Hey, I've got the same problem. Does it mean we have do download the game on itch again when you are done with the update?

ps. big fan of the game so far :D

Yes, I'll make a post about it as soon as it's fixed. Your saves should be compatible


Any news about release date? 

Some, yes! Please, consider following my Twitter for regular updates: https://twitter.com/ertal77

I won't probably post about it here until the release date is definitive and around the corner.


I was a bit unsure whether I would like this, because I'm not a huge fan of stat raising, but the demo is really cute and makes me want more! I really love that we also get so many sweet moments with our roommates. Getting to choose top or bottom in the sex scenes is a neat plus, as well. (Though tbh I'll probably go with the LI's preferences. At least the first time, heh.) Pre-order, here I come!


Hi Ertal! I know you were saying that all the art, writing, etc. was finished, and the only thing left was the coding. But on Patreon you post about how you're working on writing the character routes and making CGs. Is there an updated status? 

(1 edit) (+1)

I'll make a Kickstarter update post within this week, and will share it here! 

In short, I commissioned another set of CGs for the game to make the most of the delay, but they are already done. As for the script, the main scenes of each route were finished months ago, around September, but all the in-between scenes with the side characters or linking major scenes weren't finished yet, and that's what I'm working on now.  Besides making sure everything works as it should, of course.

Hey Hey, any updates?


^_^ Sorry, I keep posting on our social media and once a month on Kickstarter, and then forget about updating here...

Still working on coding the whole thing. Right now I can only dedicate time to VN work on the weekends, so progress is slow but steady. You can see screenshots of the new scenes coded on Twitter, facebook or Instagram, for #screenshotsaturday, if you want to check the progress.


Pre-ordered and eagerly awaiting for the day it is available. I loved the demo and can't wait to play the full version. 


Sorry for the trouble... But any news?

Sorry, I always forget to post devlogs here... Let me share my KS update!

Np and thanks !

Any release date ?


Down below they said 

"As soon as it's finished :/  I'm afraid the coding part is taking way more than anticipated."

Just gotta be a lil bit patient 


Thank you for the response:) I just found it a bit weird how their making new games already ((2 new ones )) but this one still isn't finished

Ah... Those new games are just game jam VNs: very short, with a small scope, 30 minutes to one hour long. They are just a way to keep myself motivated.

Will there be a Android download I'm so sick of games looking amazing and me not being able to play them because no one has Android downloads

Sorry, but no, there's no Android version planned so far. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Are you talking about Android phone or android computer/Laptop/notebook?

Android phone

okay.  I think the reason why a lot of developers don't include downloads for Android phones is that the size of the game needs to be small enough to run.  As far as I know, unless you're got a really good job and can afford a phone that can run vn games with a bigger file size people aren't going to have a phone that can run a vn with a bigger size.

On top of that, it requires more resources/programming/time/money etc.   It's not as simple as just resizing the resources, because going from the size for a PC or laptop to the size for a phone screen, can affect the quality of them unless you know how to do it without it affecting the quality.

So art resources would have to be redone in a smaller size.

Don't quote me 100%  but as far as I know, it would be basically making two games instead of one even though it's the same game.

So a lot of developers don't do phone versions of their vn games because it would be double the cost and what they have planned for their game might not work or be too large for most Android phones.

However, you have given me something to think about for my own projects to consider.

that's awesome have you made anything so far  love the screen name btw

not for android no.


any updates? new release date mb?

Not yet, sorry 😞

Hello, will you add steam keys to itch ? 


Yes, I do that with all my games <3

Yay! Thanks for answering <3

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