Kickstarter campaign will start on February 11th!

Now that Chasing the Stars is complete, I'm happy to move forward to My Burning Heart!

We (6nii9 and I, Ertal) will run a Kickstarter campaign from Februrary 11th to March 11th, in order to get the basic funds to keep the project going: I've already paid for the lovely backgrounds made by the talented Badriel, and also for the commercial license to use the music tracks in the game, plus 6nii9's only income comes from art commissions. So the Kickstarter money will go to cover the game developing expenses and to support our artist!

You can have a look at our Kickstarter's page here, although of course it's not live yet:

Do you like the rewards? Any suggestion? Feel free to comment on it, so we can accommodate it to your tastes!

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Is beta testing only available in that tier or is it included in the higher priced tiers?

To be honest, the higher number of betatesters the better, so yeah, it can be included in the higher tiers.

Love the super affordable pricing for the game <3 Overall I think the rewards are pretty good.

Best of luck on your campaign! :D

Thank you!