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My Burning Heart is a story set in a 1001 Nights world, currently on development.

Our protagonist, Adnan, gets sold as a slave and, instead of being sent to work in the fields, as he expected, he ends up in a Sultan's harem... Although they try to trick him with good words and promises of being well fed and no physical punishments, he decides to comply with the Sultan's orders... but only while he plans his escape from the palace.

It will be a short eroge, around 50k words; the release date is September 2018. But we wanted to release at least a demo for Yaoi Jam, so you can have a taste of it!

Trigger warnings for dub-con (very, very light) and a non-con bad ending. 

Rating: Explicit

Let's meet our characters!

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Published Jun 23, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorErtal Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, boys-love, Erotic, renpy, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksTwitter, Blog, Blog, Community


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Want this game only for "Harun ending" XD Can't wait for the release


I'm sorry the story is not to your taste, but I added the dub con warning in the games page. Please, avoid games with contents  that displease you.

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Alright played the demo here what I think. I am an independent bitch so when I refuse the sulatans advances to RAPE ME he gets mad, go back choose the other option of being obedient and I get a heart and he likes me... THATS FUCKED UP.  I'm so tired of these bl games that exploit gay men, just so girls can flick their beans to a power fantasy of gay men instead of women getting  raped and abused. This is not right and your on the wrong side of history, its 2018 do better. Good art, nice location, horrible story.

You'll go a long way with this, ertal - the art is top tier, and the story is just as good! My favourite so far is Halim, so you better give him a GREAT ROUTE! :D


I haven't played all the other contestants, but I'm pretty sure this is the most beautiful looking entry of the Yaoi Jam 2018. The backgrounds, the character sprites, the menu buttons and text boxes...all the graphics are really top-notch and can easily compete with most commercial releases.

I was a bit surprised when listening to one of the tracks (playing first at the makeover scene with Halim) on head phones and hearing a voice every few seconds, I think it says "preview", so I'm guessing that's a placeholder? Other than that, the soundtrack is flawless.

The setting is pretty unusual for the genre, but still credible. The poem at the beginning is a nice way to set the tone of the game and the art and music really support the atmosphere that you're aiming for.

The writing suits the story and the characters are all interesting so far, with Halim probably being my favorite.

Although I have to admit that I kind of skipped the explicit scene at the end. Not because it was bad - the graphics were on the same high level as the rest of the game. I'm just not that interested in this type of scenes. I know the Yaoi Jam is the wrong place to complain about that and both the description and story were clear about it, so I'm not counting that as a downside. Just saying that I'm not the right person to give feedback on that.

Nonetheless, a really impressive demo that I think will please pretty much everyone who's interested in that genre and rating.

Aaaaw, thank you so much for the detailed review!

Someone told me the same about one of the tracks, but I haven't been able to catch which one it is :(  All the music was supposed to be cleared for commercial purposes, so I'll listen again with headphones and download the track again or replace it. So thanks for the heads up!

You're welcome!

I went through that scene again. The track is the one that starts playing after clicking Halim's line "Follow me, please! I'll show you around." After that, the location changes to the common room of the harem. There are a few seconds of silence at the beginning, but then the music with the "preview" voice fades in. It starts with a guitar-like sound, then some shakers join, then some other drums...but I'll guess you can figure out which track it is by just looking up the code and seeing what file plays. The voice can best be heard in the first few seconds, before all the other instruments join in. It repeats about every 5 seconds. It's pretty quiet and subtle compared to other "watemarks" I've heard, so it's understandable that this one flew under the radar.

Thank you again for going out of your way to help me :)

This game is wonderful!! I love the sprites they're so gorgeous!! It is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL with the backgrounds and the level of writing <3 It really sucked me into the game and made me really curious about the characters and where the game will go. It was also really sexy >//<

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it so far!

Just played the demo :D

Can't wait for it to be fully released! ^-^

I just read that Harun won't be an option in the comments, which i find a little sad. 


*rolls eyes* Maybe we can find a solution for that... A short route for him or something.



hiya is the update just the backrounds?


Yes, sorry.

ah. looks better than before though

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This game is sooo gorgeous! Even with the placeholders it looks really fine, so I can't wait to play the finished version with all the assets! I can't tell if I'm more hyped for this one or Chasing the Stars. I'm always very fond of the Arabian Nights setting, but at the same time, Tirs is one of my favorite BL game MCs ever so yeah, it's hard to choose.

This time, I enjoy all of the characters a lot - Adnan seems nice and interesting all around, Halim is very cute and the sultan well... he knows how to steal the show haha! Harun seems an interesting guy too - the kind of bastard you love to hate XD

I must say the music choices are wonderful too, and that poem at th beginning... so beautiful!

So yeah, the game is really pretty and manages to capture at the same times that sense of wonder and almost magic and the cruelty and reality of a setting like the Arabian Nights. I've really enjoyed it all around and can't wait for the full version!

EDIT: oh yeah, may I ask how many bad endings will the game feature? If I understand correctly, both the sultan and Halim have a route, but do they both have a good and bad ending, and then an additionnal bad ending with Harun, or does it work in a different way? Well, if you can/want to tell, of course!


Aaaaaw, thank you for the long and detailed review! I'm glad you like it, because it's being super fun to made, both for the artist and me! ^_^

Haha, you're welcome! I can very well picture it as fun to make!

halim is so cute i could die

Hi! i love this! and....May i ask if Harun will be an option? I just have a thing for bastards :-D much love!

Hehehe! He will feature a bad ending, but not a whole route.

Alas my happy ending with Harun are crused! Neverless i will still go for the bad ending with him first if i can ;-) ahhh painfulllll love.

I only started playing and I already hate Harun XD 
The writing is so good and I love the character art! Can't wait to play more!

Keep it up!

OMG. Love the background scenes. I am loving the demo already. Can't wait to play full release of this game. 

I just want to say that I am already in love with this game! The graphics are so beautiful and the story is great! Can't wait for the release!

I'm so hyped up for this!!  Good luck, I look forward to grabbing it when it's available :D


Thank you! I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Deleted post

Hello! I've just added some trigger warning tags. There's also telltales every time you choose the right option... so it will be easy to avoid the bad endings ;)

Thank you for reply and concerns. But don't worry. i would still play the game even if there are bad endings that would crush me. During the time i was commenting for this game, i was still a little bit shaken by one of the bad endings of the game called Beyond Eden, which i still love the game even though the game is not that very romantic  :) I am really sorry if my comment disturb you. :) 

No, of course not! Your concern is legit: non-con should always be tagged!

(I love Beyond Eden too, by the way).

Cool. Thank you and glad that you think that way. 

I'll be looking forward to buy and play the game. 

no demo yet?


As you can see in the screenshots, the backgrounds are stil placeholders. Anyway, I think as soon as the second CG is finished we'll upload a demo anyway, even with the missing backgrounds, so you can expect it next week.

this looks gorgeous! and spicy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It looks so interesting! I'll be waiting excitedly for this one! Thanks for the hard work! :D