(Belated) Valentine's Short Story

I'm late! I'm late! (read in Alice's White Rabbit's voice)

I wanted to post this short extra story yesterday, but alas! Blame my hectic life of late. Anyway, here you are, a short story with Adnan and Harun having a romantic moment - not Valentine's, mind you, because of the setting, but I'm sure it will make do.

This will be the second extra story of MBH: remember you have a Rashid/ Harun short story included in the artbook!


Our time together.odt 24 kB
Feb 15, 2022

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Aw, I loved it!

Thanks so much! I love to see Adnan/Harun content, definitely my favorite route!


This was so sweet (╥﹏╥) Thank you. Please feel free to release more after stories. Wish this game was longer and had more love interests. 💜

For some reason my mind decided that only Adnan/Harun ending is canonical and "true" one, and I'm happy to see more content with them! Thank you <3

Can't download the file... =( =(

Have you tried from the game's page instead of this post?

No, I didn't think of that. *facepalm* Thank you.

I do like Harun.