We need a little push!

Only nine days to finish Night and Day's campaign and we are still stuck at the doors of the first stretch goal!

I'm happy to say Night and Day is funded, but... the initial goal was really modest for a game of this type, and although the demo has been reviewed by two blogs, got some Youtube gameplays, is taking part in the Steam Game Festival and was featured on the Summer of Pride Steam event, the campaign is struggling to reach even its first stretch goal.

Let me remind you that the first stretch goal is at $6k and it means we'll add top and bottom choices in the sex scenes. The next stretch goal is at $8k and the reward is that we'll get a group sex scene in the game. The third one is at $10k and means a romantic polyamory route, and the remaining stretch goals would add mini-games and an animated opening with a song with lyrics.

To be honest, many otome and yaoi visual novels reach easily 10k to 15k dollars in their campaigns, so I thought we'd get at least the two first stretch goals. It would mean a lot to me and all the team if you could help us, sharing our pinned posts on social media, so we can reach more people. Thanks in advance!

Kickstarter-> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/night-and-day/night-and-day-0

Twitter-> https://twitter.com/ertal77/status/1267412515430051841

Facebook-> https://www.facebook.com/ertalgames/posts/1111870115854443

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