Full game release!

The full version of Chasing the Stars is finally here!  throws confetti

 However, some options and features will be added in an update, hopefully in a week or so. I apologize for this, but after two years of development, I really wanted to see Chasing the Stars finally launched!

What's in the full version:

- 108k words

- 3 good endings, 3 neutral endings and 5 bad endings

- partial voice acting

- some scenes in point-and-click style or puzzles (they are really easy, but please save often!)

- sexy scenes with top and bottom options with the three love interests, plus one threesome

- selector of the amount of NSFW content you want to see (any, some, all, or decide each time)

What's will wait til the update:

- CG Gallery

- a second threesome scene

- sexy after scenes

- some alternative endings more (neutral/bad)

- music gallery

- endings guide

That's all, I hope you enjoy it!


Chasing the Stars (full game) 414 MB
Jan 03, 2019

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Congraaats on the full release!

Going to play right now!