Small update with new backgrounds

Not the full upload I promised, guys, since I'm still working on Night and Day, but at least most of the ugly photo-manips we had for the game's backgrounds are now replaced by drawn illustrations, made by the same artist who did the few original backgrounds. There are still two or three that need to be replaced, though, as well as the old sprites, which will be changed to the new characters sprites you can see in the After Stories (with more facial expressions instead of the limited original sprites), and of course, the user interface design, which looks really outdated by now, and it's currently in the works. Soon, I hope!


A Hand in the Darkness (full game, English and Spanish) WINDOWS 300 MB
Mar 11, 2022
A Hand in the Darkness (full game, English and Spanish) MAC 282 MB
Mar 11, 2022

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I tried to start the game and got an error message straight away...

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Thank you, fixing it right away!

*EDIT* And done! It was just a small thing that I needed to delete before exporting the game.

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I recently bought your game. I got the same error message as the user above, and waited a day or two before redownloading/extracting the Windows .zip version on Tuesday 3/15. 

I see that you deleted whatever was affecting the export. Am I just doing something wrong to still get this error message upon trying to begin the game? Thanks! 

Okay, so it works fine for me, but there's something wrong with the export. I've just asked for external help from someone more programming savvy, and will update the build as soon as it's fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience, this really sucks.

Thank you for replying back! 

Looking forward to whenever the export gets fixed; I can't wait to play your game and getting to know the characters! Until then, I'll see if there's other games you've made that I can play until then. ^^ 


Working on it! So far, none of the programmers I've consulted were able to fix it T_T 

It's a somewhat odd error, but we'll manage to solve it as soon as possible.