About the game update

Hi, guys! Remember I said some months ago that AHitD was getting an update? Well, if you were wondering if I had forgotten, the answer is a strong no!

I decided to make the update when we did the new sprites for the After Stories: I will miss those huge, innocent eyes of the original design of Alex, but the characters need more varied expressions, so now they are getting them. I also commissioned two CGs more, one for Monty and another for Rick, since the scales seemed a bit unbalanced favoring Damian. But when I started to work on the update, I realized the game would still look poorly with the photo backgrounds and that ugly GUI. So, in the end, I've contacted the original background artist and I was really happy to find her open for commission, since she has a full time job and is usually too busy: she'll be using her summer holidays to replace ALL the remaining photo backgrounds! The rest is replacing the GUI and giving the script another edition pass.

All in all, you can expect a full revamp of the game by September; I won't touch the game page until then because I don't want to give the new customers the impression of AHitD being better looking in-game than it is right now. 

This was my first visual novel ever, and I learned as I went: I don't have a technical background (my major was Spanish Literature), so I had to learn how to use Renpy little by little, besides all the other aspects of making a visual novel. I still love Alex and his friends, and you'll get some freebies about them in the future (there's a Patreon-only Halloween story that will be publicly released next Halloween, and the planned Cat Café project), but I'm aware the game, the way it is now, looks reeeeeally amateurish. Please, be patient, it will be worth it!

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Has the game update already occurred and I'm just late to the party, or has the expected update-date been pushed back?🤔 (or cancelled...🥺)


Sorry, two new CGs and some updated backgrounds have been already added, but replacing the sprites for the ones we used in the After Stories, with more expressions, means coding again the whole game. Plus adding the Spanish translation line by line again. 

So yes, it's been pushed back until I'm less busy with my current projects. But it will get done, I promise!

No worries, I just wanted to be sure I was understanding the situation properly 😊. Good luck on all your current projects tho!

So does this mean that the entire game will be revamped by September (Sprites, BG images, CGs, and GUI)? And the dialogue / story-lines will be the same but overall the game will just look better and have some more content? If so that's awesome!

Also just making sure, you havent updated the game with anything new yet? It'll be all at once?

Just the sprites and the GUI. The rest will be only small additions, not a full revamp.

Is there any way to get the update if we own the game on steam, or would we have to buy it again here?

Please, write me to ertal77@hotmail.com with any kind of proof of purchase (a screenshot of your Steam library would suffice), and I'll send you a download key for itchio.