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Are you planning to add the game pre-order feature to steam? Or will it only be available here?

Mmmn, I don't think Steam supports pre-orders, just "early access", which would feel weird for a visual novel...

Anyway, all purchases on itchio can claim a Steam key once the game is released!


Will this be on Steam too? :3


Yes, of course! The demo is already there. 


Oh? I must have missed it. Sweet, thanks :D

Is there romance scenes in the demo or did I just miss them?

There aren't :(

Sadly, the demo is just the introduction of the characters.


Im looking forward to it! I really appreciate that your doing both top/bottom

when will the game be released?

Between December 2020 and May 2021. Sorry, I can't be more specific yet.

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hopefully that day is when corona is over


Just got done with the demo, amazing work! I can't wait to see the full release <3


i'm in love with the demo, and i'll most DEFINITELY be playing the full version when it's finally released. ferdinand is my favorite, and i need more of him in my life :)


I'm a huge fan of your games, but I wasn't expecting to like this one, mainly because I've been around quite a few places in Europe and Paris was the only one I can really say I didn't like; however, I LOVE this demo. I'm so glad to have the chance to Patreon you to keep you making wonderful games like this... and I know that Denis won't be a possible love interest (based on the count of four, I'm guessing) but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Those red haired men... =swoon=

Haha! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to include a redhead as a love interest in the next project! 


That would be a dream come true! I'd even up my patreon specifically (perhaps another $100) if you did. I want to do anything to support your games. I'd kickstart this one now as well but I have CC fraud and need to wait a couple weeks for a new card.

You are amongst my top BL games in the world. Thank you for making these games!


I like it! The art is really good!
Good luck with your kickstarter <3


I quite enjoyed the demo! All characters seem interesting and the story got me hooked. I can't wait to play the full game! The only route I will be ignoring is Emile and only because I am super uncomfortable with huge age differences, especially when one person is still in their teens.

Wish you luck on the Kickstarter campaign! :)

I seriously love this demo and would love to play the full version(whenever it comes out lol). Do you and your team have some sort of price figured out for its initial release?

I think the release price will be around $20, but it's not set on stone yet.


I know he's not a part of the four planned love interests, but having something develop between Denis & Paul would be so juicy! Please consider it!


O.o Denis is already taken, sorry! 



Just finished the game. I must say, the demo was quite amazing. I'll start with the writing and say that's it's very well done. The characters, even though we only see them for a short time, feel real and interesting. I didn't see any spelling errors either. I really like how this game is in first person as well. For some reason I just prefer that in visual novels. I also like Paul's voice, which is  important when reading in first person. I'll say it's hard for me to decide who I like most, but I do enjoy Paul, Emile, and Ferdinand.. 

Next the art. The art is something that's quite special for with this game, though I'm not sure why. First off, I love the scenery. It looks like 1950's France and feels calming. During the stressful times everyone's going through, it's nice to have things that have calming scenery. The background are also very detailed and colorful. I love the flower shop and river bank the most. I'm excited to see more of the backgrounds. Also, the touch of painted parts is cool too. The character sprites are also nice. I admit it took me a bit to get use to them, but I realized how more real the look and the guys are quite handsome. Also many of the expressions on them look good, a bit simple but done well. One gripe I do have is the sprites seemed to be a bit a blurry? I'm not sure if it's because I had it in full screen or not, but the resolution may need to be fixed on them. Also, maybe make them a bit bigger. It could just be me though. 

Also, I noticed a small bug in the game. The brush icon that ends after a sentence sometimes goes right in the middle of a word. I'm not sure if this is fixed yet, but just wanted to let you know in case. 

Anyway, this game looks really amazing. I'm really interested in seeing where it goes and what stories you're gonna tell. During these times, I honestly need a game like this and with the big emphasis on creative hobbies, the story really intrigues me. Should you do a KS, I will back it. 


Thank you so much for the detailed review! I had a Kickstarter planned, to run from May 15th to June 15th, but given the current global situation it might be delayed some weeks; we'll have to wait and see.

I'm glad you like the demo so far! And thank you for your feedback about the sprites size and resolution, I'll look into it.

The GUI (textbox and game menus) are being redone by a professional, haha! I'll fix the brush icon once that it's done. I hope you like the updated demo even more, with the new GUI, more characters sprites and some new scenes!

Np! With what's going on, it's best not to do one right now honestly. But when you do, I'll back it.  And cool, I thought it would likely get fixed. On thing, will you have sub sprites for characters Nat?


Sorry, I don't understand the last question... If you are asking if Nathalie will have a sprite, then yes! All the characters will have a sprite for the final version, and at least Denis, Nathalie and Ophelia for the updated demo.

Ah sorry, yeah, that's what I meant lol. I'm really glad they will =D


Is the protagonist versatile?


Hopefully yes. It will be a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign (the FIRST stretch goal, because I really want it to happen).


Thanks for the reply! This made me even MORE interested in the game now.

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Thank you so much!! ^_^


This was truly beautiful. The story, the ambience, the music, the art, the way how characters interact with each other... It's fair to say I'm in love with all these!

The only suggestion I can think of right now is that the text in the "Help", being white on a bright background, is a bit hard to read. An altered colour scheme could help.

Keep up with the great work, I can't wait to learn what's going to happen next.

Thank you for your kind words! 

And... damn, I thought "Help" was disabled! I'll fix the screen if it's still accessible. 


Oh damn, nice art. Finally dudes that look like actual dude, hell yeah.

is this a NSFW game?

It will have NSFW scenes, yes. But I'll probably add the option to skip them.

Quick question,is Gilles from Romania,cuz I'll lpce this game if he is,plus,I think this will be a great game,everyone looks cute for now

Aaaaw, nope, he's romani as in race (maybe in your country it's more common to call it "gypsy",  as in mine?), but he's French.


I am sooo in love with this project! It looks great!!! I'm downloading the demo right now! Honestly I don't like playing demos because it just makes it harder to wait but I'll succumb to my desire lol. Also one more thing, you should probably take out the tag "otome" because it can mislead the wrong audience. Otome means a dating sim for girls that has a female mc with male love interests. Good luck with you're project, I am cheering you on!


Shiiit... Pardon my language, but I seriously can't wait for this to be reallll! I'm going to declare myself Ertal's number 1 fan, please don't fight me on this, you'll lose. I seriously can't get over how great all of these games are. The storylines are frickin amazing and the art is fantastic! Ugh, I'm obsessed.

T_T  Thank you so much!


omg I need more Ferdinand in my life! And Gilles seems naughty and adorable!

The colors are right, the backgrounds are right, the music is right, the tropes are on point, I think you're gonna have a hit Ertal!

Ony one question; I assume in the full game there will be sprites for Paul, Nathalie and Ferdinand's sister, right?

Thank you!! <3

And yes, I hope the sprite artist finishes Denis, Nathalie and Ophelia's sprites for the updated demo, before the Kickstarter. The new GUI will be done by then, too.

For the finished games ALL the characters will have a sprite.


We'll get to see what they look like? Yuusss. I was hoping so! Ophelia's description left me wanting a visual representation for sure!


I stay clear of demos, because I always want to get the full deal.
Any idea when the full game will be available?


By the end of 2010, hopefully ;)

LOL! This made me laugh. 2010 has been and gone XDDD


OMG, we need the Tardis!

2020, I meant 2020! XDD

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First of all, I want to say that I was really impatient to be able to play this demo! And I'm not disappointed at all~

Of course, it's short, doesn't show much of the game and have small mistakes in it. It's a demo. But just that little hour I took to play it, made me even more impatient to discover the rest of the story, characters and choices you have in store for us. 

But enough chit-chat! Let's review this~ 

First, for the things I liked:

( + ) Paul's and Gilles' facial expressions are really cute. Great job Marimo, you nailed them. The other characters' sprites are great too (except for two of Ferdinand's expression which are... a bit disturbing XD). 

( + ) The story, although we didn't see much of it, was great and relaxing after such a heavy subject like slavery in "My Burning Heart". I dived into it immediately. As for the characters, they have their own distinct personality too. Paul is adorable and impossible to hate, Emile is a bit rude but seems to hide a lot of things, Ferdinand is silent and way too serious for his own good, and Gilles looks like an innocent little kid in this cruel world! So far, I'm impatient to discover more about them~

( + ) The music is really relaxing and a treat for the ears. I especially like the one you hear when you are at the riverbank! I could definitely join Paul and start painting while listening to this song. I also like the sax song and "Let's fall in love" was a nice surprise! Great addition~

( + ) Maybe it's because I'm French but I was happy to see some well-known names like Simone de Beauvoir or Boris Vian. It shows how much you researched and I think it adds depth to your story and the world you're building for Paul and the others to live in. Even if other players don't know them, maybe it will spark some interests to make them look into it!

( + ) For the backgrounds, they are just... wonderful. Saedee did a really good job and they are so colorful and refreshing. The details are a treat for the eyes. As for the textbox, it didn't disturb me much. 

Then, the things that could be improved:

( - ) I don't know if you thought about it or were gonna do it, but when we are on the map, maybe it would be cool to highlight the places when we put the cursor on it (don't know if it makes sense). But it's just my opinion

( - ) It was already pointed out before but two of Ferdinand's expression are a bit... weird? Don't know how to describe them... 

That's all for me! Playing that demo made my day and brought a smile to my face! It's starting to form slowly but surely~ Now, I'm going to wait to be able to help your Kickstarter when it will be ready. 



Aaaaw, thank you so much!

Those two things you mention are already worked on, so don't worry!


Hi there,

I just played through the demo and I have some concerns. I’m going to write them out below, sorry for the long post.

First of all - will this game be commercial? If so, do you intend to update the main menu GUI, seeing as it’s the basic ren’py one but with some random paint brushes here and there? It looks very unprofessional and not becoming of a paid product.

As for the textbox - is this a placeholder? The colors are too saturated and bright, and it looks amateur. I can see it’s meant to be a French street sign, but they didn’t look like this until after 1950. It kind of ruins the beautiful backgrounds to have a big, ugly textbox.

I noticed quite a few grammatical mistakes, too. I wanted to ask if you have an editor or a proofreader? Also, in places, the English is a little wonky. “Get out the road” should either be “” Get out of the road” or “Get off the road”, for instance.

When you get into Paul’s room, the room is already full of painting supplies. Is this just to save money on variations, or is there something else planned here?

The paint brush that shows at the end of sentences also is often in the wrong place and covers the words.

On the choice where you decide whether to approach the woman or not in the flower shop, even if you pick to let her browse Nathalie still says “Perhaps that direct approach works well in the country” which doesn’t make sense.

In general, some of the sprites expressions are, well.. They’re downright creepy. For Ferdinand, some of the expressions change his face so much that he doesn’t even look the same.

So, that’s pretty much it. The backgrounds were lovely (props to the artist), and the premise was fine, but the way it was executed was rather poor.

I hope you’ll improve this before it goes on Kickstarter.


Thank you for the honest feedback! Some of those issues were already on my list, while some are new. 

I'll ask the editor for another check. As for the GUI, it was my first attempt at doing one, so I guess I'll have to commission one since this was a fail XD 


By the way, what's your source for those street name signs not being used in 1950? The regulation of the current signs was made in 1938, and it stated shape, color and design, including the semi-circle with the arrondissement number and the trompe-l'oeil circles on the corners, made to look as if they were nails holding the sign.


Very excited for this one!


The game's art is  gorgeous! Your writing for plot and characters is just truly superb and I'm very excited to see what you do with this one! 

 I hope it has some raunchy scenes I oh so love from your other games!~


Hehehe, of course it will have naughty bits, who do you take me for? 

And thank you so much <3




Please pass my compliments on to the artists-- this game & its characters are so incredibly pretty!


I actually just looked a couple of days ago to see if Ertal and my other favorite creators had any new releases! I'm so excited, I cannot wait!! <3

Aaaw, thank you!

No thank you forrrr reaaaaal. Your work is amazing and I'm kind of only living for them right now! 

If you have a Patreon or something, I'll sign up asap.

XD I actually have one. lol I see I should promote it more... Patrons get previews of all the new art, additional sketches, early builds of the games for betatesting and some exclusive extra stories.

I'm going to look at it nooooooowwww.

I'm poor right now because I'm a crappy Uni student with a part time job, but in a couple of weeks, I'm joining your patreon for sure. <3


ooohh :) I'm very interested and excited ;))


Yay! I  hope the demo doesn't disappoint ;) It will be out soon.


This sounds great! How long do you expect till it is available to play?


I hope we have a first demo by the end of February ;)