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lmao. cultural appropriation: the game. i have a book rec for the devs: orientalism by edward said

Interesting! I can pass you a long list of articles I used for documentation ;) 

But cultural appropriation, you say? Tsk tsk

would have purchased the vn using paypal, but not at all interested in giving my personal information and address.  

I think you can use Paypal as a guest, using your card instead?

o tried, but would not progress past the page asking for details. :(

:(  I'm really sorry, I haven't used that option in years. Well, you can buy the game on Steam, too, if you are still interested. Less dev friendly, but card user friendly.

Ertal, you've made a convert of me again! I'm really not a fan of the Arabian Knights style games, so I put off playing this over and over and over... and finally got to it two days ago and just burned through the whole thing. Great story, characters, graphics, and music... just like I've come to expect from your games. I love that you are making the world a more diverse, interesting place with LGBT+ themed material and I can't wait for Night & Day... I'm so glad to be able to support such a creative, fantastic developer.

I still miss Alex terribly, but I'm looking forward to new characters to come!


Aaaw, you're really too kind, I don't know what to say! 

Hahaha, I can't believe you haven't played MBH until now, after all the spam I might have been drowning you with! I know this setting and its delicate topics are not for all tastes, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. 


I can take delicate topics. The scene that might have bothered some people didn't bother me at all. The world isn't all butterflies and lollipops and cute guys :D. 

I kept wondering if it was finished because I heard voice acting was coming, etc, so I put it off in lieu of some other gay visual novels... but I like yours best of all, so it was an awesome treat to finally play it!

And please keep spamming me so I don't miss anything!


I'm Muslim so seeing this was really cool! I really like seeing my culture somewhat mixed with something I like which is bl/yaoi concepts. It was a little odd to see mention of Allah during sexual scenes. But I am assuming since it is put in the place for "God" it makes sense. As a Muslim myself, I am not offended or anything, but in regards to anything religious in general it is a little odd seeing religious usage in sexual activities. Aside from that the art and story is really good! I love it!


The game is good, ngl. The art is beautiful and the story-line is fairly interesting, but the religious mentions are really not well placed. It low-key offended me when the character for some reason starts thinking about sex while praying. It would've been much better to have no mentions of religion or any of the oh my allah in the game because harems of that nature did not exist in Islam. 1001 nights was translated during the Islamic times, yet it was not written during them nor was it from Islamic traditions. Idk if I sound hostile or sth but that whole thing was super unnecessary.   

I'm really sorry if you found it offensive :(  I would change those bits if it was possible, because it wasn't my intention to offend anyone, but that would break the voice acting and the translations. My sincere apologies!

Anyway, although male harems never existed, most of the details of MBH are well researched. The Arabian and Persian literature of the period, besides, was in line with the spirit of the 1001 Nights, which was not only translated but adapted and recreated into many other works of sapiential literature. It was a period of enlightened and broad-minded people.

"Most scholars agreed that the Nights was a composite work and that the earliest tales in it came from India and Persia. At some time, probably in the early 8th century, these tales were translated into Arabic under the title Alf Layla, or 'The Thousand Nights'. This collection then formed the basis of The Thousand and One Nights. The original core of stories was quite small. Then, in Iraq in the 9th or 10th century, this original core had Arab stories added to it—among them some tales about the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. Also, perhaps from the 10th century onwards, previously independent sagas and story cycles were added to the compilation [...] Then, from the 13th century onwards, a further layer of stories was added in Syria and Egypt, many of these showing a preoccupation with sex, magic or low life. In the early modern period yet more stories were added to the Egyptian collections so as to swell the bulk of the text sufficiently to bring its length up to the full 1,001 nights of storytelling promised by the book's title." 

Irwin, Robert (2003), The Arabian Nights: A Companion

(Source: Wikipedia)


I'm not asking you to change it ofc! I just wanted to point it out for future games, and really other than those moments I thoroughly enjoyed the game, super good. As for the 1001 thing, I do know but it is generally ill-received between Muslim historians bc it gives a false portrayal of what the Islamic empire was. It's more of a fairytale sort of things that started in India and Persia then more got added as you said. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and all the research that you put into it and I'm not trying to undermine that, I just wanted to put my feelings across especially where sth like this is involved. Thank you. :)

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I mentioned in another comment, but the word "allah" is not exclusive to Islam. It predates Islam by hundreds of years and is even used in modern day by Arabic-speaking Christians, Jews, Sikhs, and some others to refer to their gods. I own an Arabic Bible that uses "allah." So "oh my allah" is functionally exactly the same as "oh my god."

Edit to say: I don't know what other religious aspects are in the game, so maybe it more specifically references Islam somewhere, but the word "allah" doesn't automatically mean "Islam," it could be a pre-Islamic pagan religion.

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I heard from my friend about this game which is not really postive. So.... does this game really using some religion aspect that kinda misleading from that religion itself?

There's no... religion at all in the game? The setting is muslim, because the story takes place in the 1001 Nights world, but that's only mentioned in passing and it's just there as worldbuilding. The characters never talk about religion.


Muslim are what the people who follow or practice islam are called. Other games that I know using arabian as a theme throw out sensitive religion aspect. I've seen the screenshot of the game using the words like "Allah or jannah" so casually which is really disturbing for me. The islam itself forbid slavery, free sex and lgbtq. 

It's not like I againts this kind of game but when it is mixed with real religion I feel an obligation to speak up.

Christians use "Oh, my God" and many other expressions and we don't associate them with religion. But if that's the case in Islam, please accept my apologies. 

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"God" is general term it can refer to any god. and "oh, my god" has become a normal words people use in their daily lifes. But how often did you heard people call their God as "Allah" expect from people who follow samawi religion?

I hope you can change them somehow {but I think that's too late) or not doing the same mistake in the future.


I mean, I use Allah a lot because I am Muslim lol

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"Allah" is not exclusive to Islam whatsoever. "Allah" literally means "God" and has literally the exact same function as "god" has in English. Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use the word "Allah" to refer to the Judeo-Christian god of the Torah and Bible, and Arabic translations of the Bible use the word "Allah." Arabic-speaking Sikhs and polytheists use "allah" to refer to their gods as well. It also predates the Muslim religion by hundreds if not thousands of years. Muhammad's own father's name was Abdullah, or Abd-Allah, meaning "servant of god," and obviously he was named before his son was born.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but "allah" is not a word that belongs to Islam any more than "god" belongs to Christianity. Being offended by the use of the word "allah" in this case is the same as when Christians get offended by someone saying "Oh my god."


Hello, I know this conversation is half a year old, but I wanted to let you know that in Arabic, many people besides Muslims use the word "allah" as a general term for "god," regardless of which god it is.
Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews all use the word "allah" for their god, and some Sikhs and nondenominational/polytheists use the word "allah" as well.

You were correct in your assumption that it has basically the same function as the English word "god," and I'm unsure why some here are claiming otherwise.

Thank you! I've heard my Muslims friends use the word many times, and in Spanish we have some idioms with it, legacy of our Arabian era (like "ojalá" for "I wish"). That's why I didn't think people would find it offensive. But it obviously depends on the country or social customs. 

Anyway, apart from that and a small reference to praying time during the day, there aren't any religious comments in the game. It would feel strange to have a story set in Middle Ages without any religious background, that's all.

Oh, by the way:

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Ah yes I learned it in islamic histories. though all of that slavery were happen when islam still in process of development (The Prophet Mohammed still spreading his words and fighting againts kafir quraisy) in the end of the day the prophet freeing all of them. The Qur’an does not explicitly condemn slavery or attempt to abolish it. Nonetheless, it does provide a number of regulations designed to ameliorate the situation of slaves. It recommends freeing slaves, especially “believing” slaves. And that is because as I said above, the verse was when islam still in development. But nonetheless the slavery was still continouing during war period till it was abolished and being forbid in the modern day. Well not every people loyal to their own religion.

I suggest if you really want to research about it ask an ulama or someone more knowing in this. You sure are trying to find a fault in my words or statement which makes my head hurt just to defend my own religion to not being misused :(

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i dont think the game had any intention to be negative also... as in any religion there are good and bad aspects of it. Slavery was a thing in the culture, not the religion itself but those who happened to do slavery were also Islamic, it isn't a shocker. No one is blaming the religion, it is the fault of individuals who practice the slavery acts. I do not think the game even associated slavery with Islam, its just the Sultan who is associated with it. If anything, it was the acts done in Arab culture. Not the entirety of Islam itself.

I have a question what country is the game set in ? Like there seems to be some Arabic names but there are many countries that are Arabic

The current Syrian territory, in the 15th century (loosely) . There are many mentions of it being a small Sultanate on the right Mediterranean coast ;)


interesting! I wasn't sure so thought I'd ask!

Adnan is my fave char btw love him!

This is since I installed the last update of the game... I no longer have the menu that appears and when bad weather all I arrive by miracle to enter the game, these are the choices that do not appear.

It seems it didn't install correctly. You should uninstall it and install it again.

Please, tell me if the problem persists.


Thank you for your answer, so I’ve uninstalled everything well (I’ve tracked down every file from Myburningheart). I have reinstalled well and it actually works. I’m Happy!!!

Me too! <3

So in the full paid game is there voice acting? My friend who's interested, as they've seen me play it before, wants to know and probably will still buy simply because of the yaoi even without the voice acting but I'm also curious as I cannot pay for the full version.


Yes, there's full voice acting in English! 

Hello! It's a really beautiful work! The demo is awesone! I want by it but before, i have a question. 

does the full version have a french translation or not yet? I saw "coming soon", the update was done?
I can't wait to buy it!
Thank you :)

The translator is finishing the French version, so I hope it will be added very soon ;)

I can't seem to pay with my card. I added my card to my account and it is not saying I can pay with my card, only with PayPal, but I don't have PayPal. Will I need to readd my card to the credit or debit card section once I click the option?

I'm sorry, the payments for my games on itchio are set as PayPal only. If it's not convenient for you, you can buy them using a credit card from Steam instead. 

Any news on voice acting release? :)


Well, I'm very excited about the voiced update! I can't wait to get the game!


I love this game! I want to buy it so badly, But, only one thing.....hopefully noone takes this as hate but there are no...well, brown skinned love options :( and well that made me kinda sad LOL . I mean they all have really *ethnic* names, so i would assume atleast one of them would be dark/er but....haha.


Adnan and Rashid are quite dark skinned compared to other white characters; the action takes place in Near East (Jordania? Siria?) so they are the right color. 

My next project will be more diverse in that regard, though ;) 

Thank you for replying!! I appreciate the thought. :)))

I don't know if I should buy it now or wait for the voice acting 

when will it be complete ?

We don't have a release date for the voice acting, but I hope we have it live by the end of October.

thank , if it's done by the end of october , I will wait

I'm really interested in your game, but what's holding me back is the dub-con. The dub-con is "mandatory" no matter which route I take?


:( The protagonist is a slave, so he doesn't have a say on what happens or not, sadly. He tries to take it as a job, as something he must do in order to survive, and the Sultan treats him kindly, but the dubcon is still there.

Perhaps you should try the demo and see for yourself if it's something you can enjoy regardless or if it's not right up your alley.


I loved the writing, the characters, the beautiful art, the sex scenes.... Can't wait for the voiced version <3 (and the french translation !) The ending with Harun was by far my favorite, the best one ! It was really.... respectful ? Consensual ? I loved it, I would be interessed in a sequel or after stories because i want more haha ! To conclude it's a really good game !

Thank you so much for your kind words! <3


OMG, I just love Harun good ending, best ending ever :-D


Ok. It was well worth the hype, the wait (on Steam!) and the money. I am so, so pleased with what I got)) It's just so beautiful and atmospheric.

One thing that bothers me - is there going to be a guide at some point? The regular endings seem easy enough to reach, I've got 2 good and 2 bad plus 1 non-ending (not enough affection or a tie)... but there are still locked images in the gallery. And not a good ending for Harun in sight (the scene I got with him on sultan's route was definitely horrible, so I counted it as a bad end).


I think I replied to you on Steam... In case it wasn't you, let me copy-paste it here:

Okay, just as hints and not a full guide:

- Choose the "good" answers with either Halim or Rashid to enter their routes: the hearts are affection points, so you need to have at least four right choices with only one of them to do their route.

- For Harun's route: get into Rashid's route and then choose the answer that dismisses Rashid instead of the "good" ones. Depending on your answers to Harun, you'll get his good or his bad ending then. (A clue: the options are always being bratty or shut up and obey him. One gives you the bad end and the other the good end, but I won't tell you which one).

I hope this helps without being too much of a spoiler! ;)


Thank you XD , I got the good ending of the main two so yay <3 \o/ sorry to bug you about it >_< awesome game BTW <3


I hope that bad ending with Harun wasn't too traumatizing :(


I've seen much worse than that, don't worry :) Still unpleasant, but that's what bad endings are for. And thank you for the hints! Looks like I just needed to readjust my strategy a little)

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Q,Q Are the hearts a good thing?because no matter what i pick or do DX i can't get a good ending or bad DX


The hearts are affection points, so you must choose a character and focus on him, ignoring the other. 


OMG, Harun ending was the best for me i wanted to last longer^^

it was a little hard to get it, but it was worth it

the song at the ending it was beautiful even though it was short

the characters was interesting and lovely, the music was nice 

thank you for working hard to give us such a nice game ^^

I'm super glad you like it! ^_^  Thank you for your kind words!


I agree Harun good ending is my Fav <3

(4 edits) (+2)

Congratulations on the release!
I've just started playing, and as one of the people who wanted Harun to have a good ending, I wanted to say: The ending you have written for him was SO GOOD! I wish it never ended!! The characters look AMAZING. Every CG is just so gorgeous!! I also LOVE the backgrounds! And also I wanted to ask: Is there a Link for the song at the end? (I would like to listen to it in full) And another question: Is it normal that on some of the right decisions you can see a Heart next to the character, but on others you don't (I mean Harun)? I wanted to replay his good ending right away but I just can't seem to get it again xD


Yay, thank you for your kind words!

I decided not to add purple hearts to Harun, to add a bit of mystery around him :)

As for the ending song, is by MyëVe, but I don't think she has ever uploaded it to youtube (She made Chasing the Stars song, too). I'll tell her to share it publicly if she hasn't done it yet. And when I add the full credits you'll have the chance of listening to it in the game!

(2 edits)

Thank you for the quick response! 
I see! That explains it! :D 
Ah! I see, so the song will be added, thank you! :D
And as someone who is struggling to get good endings in most of the games I play, I really appreciate that you added the hearts! :)


Abro la página y pone que ha salido hace 1 minuto, WHAT? XD Voy a jugar la demo para ver si me gusta y probablemente después me compre el juego uwu

So, it's only 2 routes, right? I got confused at some point and kept thinking there will be 3...

yay can't wait :O \o/!!! THREE DAY <3!!!



Demo was amazing! When the full version is released I may just die of happiness~

Aaaw, thank you!

I know I'm super late, but congrats on getting funded! Also, we hit all the stretch goals? If so that's really impressive and I'm happy about it! ^^

Loved the demo. Can't wait for the full version. 

Didn't have the chance to say it before, but congrats on not only getting it funded, but on reaching all the stretch goals too! I'm happy we did it!

Thank you for your support! 


Was this inspired by Captive Prince?

I know of it, but haven't read it yet. So nope!


You should definitely read it. Honestly, I was reading this and thinking "Wow, this is decently similar to Captive Prince"! Which i'm happy about because I need my gay romances ;-; 

I have high expectations and I'm excited to read more :)


So, I am definitely in love with this demo and can't wait till the full game comes out! It was spicy~ My friends and and I really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to be throwing money at this when the kick starter goes up. 

I love this so much! I can't wait for the full release

I'm so excited for this honestly, I can't help but imagine what'll come next for Adnan!

Loved the demo, I can't wait until the full release! Speaking of which, do you have an idea of the release date since chasing the stars is out now?

Chasing the Stars still needs a couple of updates... and then we'll run a Kickstarter campaign for My Burning Heart so the artist can work on finishing it full time (since art is his only income). I hope it will be out in a month/month and a half, but you know how these things are.


Played the demo yesterday. It was delicious. The many secret kinks of mine thank you. Too bad the project is on hold.

Loving the demo so far! ^^ I was wondering around when will the full game be released?

Same XD i've been wondering about the release date too. it said that the release date is september 2018 but its november already T-T And Harunnnn T-T give him a route please dear dev. evil dude needs a route too.add a good ending tooooo...i love himmmm T-T


The original plan was releasing My Burning Heart during the summer... after running a small Kickstarter for it.

But since my  main project, Chasing the Stars, has been delayed, it wouldn't look right to run a Kickstarter for another project.  I apologize for that. Until Chasing the Stars is out, I'm afraid My Burning Heart is on hold.

Anyway, the game script is completely outlined and the art is 70% done, so once we go back to it, it'll be a matter of weeks to finish the VN.

(4 edits)

Ahh Chasing The Stars. I'm looking forw ard to that one too. Welp nothing else i can do other than supporting and cheering you on ∩(︶▽︶)∩ andddd keep waitinggg                o(╥﹏╥)o  Harunnnn ma  babyyyy. 


Want this game only for "Harun ending" XD Can't wait for the release


I'm sorry the story is not to your taste, but I added the dub con warning in the games page. Please, avoid games with contents  that displease you.

Deleted 1 year ago

Are you serious? Disagreeing with the content of a game is one thing, but acting morally superior to everyone who has worked so hard on it and all those who enjoy it  is really low! Especially when your points are so misguided. Don't give me this 'wrong side of history' jargon; I'm sick of seeing reviews like this which completely ignore the game itself to give extremely biased hatred based on mere personal preference. So screw it, even if this is a troll there are plenty of people who share these opinions, so I'm speaking out. First of all, it's not just straight cis women who play these games, far from it. People from all over the spectrum, including, yes, gay men, enjoy BL, especially this new era of BL aimed at a Western audience. It may not always be perfect representation, but should we deny all these marginalized groups something which at least some of them enjoy? Because it's a heck of a lot harder to find content which is agreeable and relatable to us in mainstream culture. And speaking of representation, who said it always has to be cute and fluffy and positive anyways? As countless other people would swiftly point out, showing one facet of a group isn't representation! At most at that point you're writing your own stereotypes. Yes, of course we need positive representation! But we also need negative representation! And morally ambiguous representation as well! Why should gay men get less than straight men and women get? And geeze, have you even seen gay p0rn made by gay men for gay men? It's full of crazy stuff much worse than this game has to offer. Not that there's a problem with that. So what if people enjoy darker content? It's a fantasy, they're not saying that real relationships should be like this... do people who watch True Crime shows go out on murder sprees? And BL actually provides a much more manageable space for people who enjoy gay content for something other than hardcore sex than a lot of the aforementioned gay p0rn . And so what if the majority of those people are women? There is plenty of research showing that indulging in BL has long been a subversive act for women which allows them to escape the burdens of patriarchal society and explore their own sexual identity in a space that isn't completely dominated by the male gaze. So maybe it's more important to them than just 'flicking their beans.' While it's not at all bad to ask for some responsibility of these women, condemnation is a one sided conversation and yields little in the way of progress. As for the actions of the characters within a story, they aren't doing that to push some kind of agenda...they act that way because they're characters! Did you not realize you were playing a game about a slave forced to be in a harem before you downloaded it? How the heck do you go into that expecting anything less than dubcon? As the publisher much more kindly put it, that's on you as a player. How would you expect someone like the sultan in this game to react to being rejected to by their slave? (Even tho I played the whole thing and have no idea which scene you are talking about since both times you deny him he's super chill about it). Besides, this is just a demo, so who knows where the root ends up by the end. Before you wanna start spouting nonsense about being "on the wrong side of history," why not instead research some history yourself and look into the impact BL genre has had on creating an understanding between straight women and gay men for several decades, in both Asia and the West? And on both sides we are seeing much more variety and maturity of content because of it. So if you don't like dark themes, I'm sure there is some other game out there for you. But why come here and neg on everyone who enjoys it? If you seriously have a problem with representation, instead of attacking fringe games made by indie developers who are actually doing a ton more for representation with their works (often at low or free to play cost meaning more people can enjoy them!), why don't you raise your voice against mainstream hegemonies lacking PoC and gender and sexual minorities? Cause I can guarantee Hollywood and AAA games are doing much worse in terms of representation than something made by a ragtag group of millennials online. But doing so in a calm and educated manner will get your point across a lot more effectively, so if you really do care about these issues try and do some actual academic research about them beforehand. And try and be less abrasive when bring them up.

You'll go a long way with this, ertal - the art is top tier, and the story is just as good! My favourite so far is Halim, so you better give him a GREAT ROUTE! :D

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