Reviews, reviews...

So far, the Steam version of the games has a grand total of... 1 review. A negative one :(

This VN was always meant to be free because making something for a game jam forces us to put well-defined scope limits: there's only so much one or two people can do in one month, and that's what I usually can spend on a side game. I wanted to release it on Steam just to reach more players because we all know many people don't play PC games outside of Steam. 

But putting a game on Steam is not free, sadly, hence why Jolly Roger is not free on that platform. Anyway, it's basically the price of a soft drink, and you get half an hour of a touching, cute story, with Steam achievements and some sketches to satisfy your curiosity.

So please, if you'd like to support indie games, remember to leave a review on your Steam purchases: until we reach 10 user reviews (= not marked as "product received for free"), our games don't appear on Steam searches.

Right now Jolly Roger is 15% off, so take the chance to gift it to someone or recommend it to your favorite BL community ;)

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PS: My heartfelt thanks to the person who went out of their way to make a Steam guide for the game!

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You know, I'm genuinely making an effort for you, but it might take a bit of time. I've decided to purchase the game and will be uploading gameplay footage of it on my YouTube channel . Additionally, I plan to write a review on Steam . However, due to my schedule, I don't anticipate completing this before Tuesday or Wednesday. Please be aware that I have extensive experience with VNGs, so my review might be critical. However, I always strive for fairness, especially when reviewing indie games, even if I am rigorous in my analysis.

Much appreciated!

Oh, thank you, very insightful! <3