Q&A: Sexual preferences of our guys

Q: Will all the sex scenes in the game have a top/bottom option, like in some of our previous games?

A: Only with one of the love interests! The others have a clear preference.

Q: ...Which is?

A: Gabriel: he's a top, but he has a bottom scene.

      Jacob: he's versatile. You can choose his role in some scenes.

      Ivaan: he's a top only.

      Kevin: he's a bottom.

Q: Who's the kinkiest among the love interests?

A: Oh, boy... Officially, that would be Gabriel. However, Kevin can be a naughty brat sometimes, and all four of them are up to some mischief on occasion... And let's not talk about Jorge, our MC.

Q: If I choose the "design a scene" tier on the Kickstarter campaign, can I ask for a very specific sex scene to happen, with my favorite kink(s) making an appearance, or are all the H scenes already set in stone?

A: Of course you can ask! We are always happy to include additional sexy times. 

Q: We have seen bondage and a bit of BDSM in the demo. What other kinks and sexual practices will appear in the full game?

A: Some are featured on the game's page, and we have some others planned. We also have a long list of suggestions from fans, so feel free to ask away!


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...my gay ass wants everyone to top 😂


oh I wished there will be more versatile especially for Gabriel, but anyway I will support the game

Will there be animated sex scenes?

No, sorry, we don't have the budget for that. I wish!