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Jorge is kind of a dick, but now he's forced by circumstances to act like a responsible adult. So he finds a good job in a multinational company, of which he's really happy about... until he finds out that he will have to work with four of his exes!

In this romantic comedy in an office setting, you'll help Jorge interact with his exes on a daily basis, while trying to clean his karma and make up for all the crap he used to do to them.

WARNING: This is the NSFW version of the demo, and as such is intended for an adult audience. If you prefer a safe-for-work version or want to share a gameplay of the game, perhaps you should go to our SFW game page: https://ertal-games.itch.io/ex .




Jorge siempre ha sido un cabeza loca, pero se ve obligado por las circunstancias a portarse como un adulto responsable. Así que encuentra un trabajo en una multinational, lo que parece un sueño hecho realidad... ¡hasta que se encuentra con que va a tener que trabajar con cuatro de sus ex novios!

En esta comedia romántica de oficina, tendrás que ayudar a Jorge a interactuar con sus exes todos los días, mientras intenta limpiar su karma y resarcirles por todo lo que les hizo en el pasado.

AVISO: Esta es la versión +18 de la demo, y como tal está pensada para un público adulto. Si prefieres una versión censurada o quieres grabar un gameplay del juego, quizás deberías ir a la página de la versión "apta" del juego:  https://ertal-games.itch.io/ex .

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorErtal Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, bl, Boys' Love, Eroge, romantic-comedy, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian


Pre-order Now$19.99 USD or more

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When can we hope to play the full game ? :D

i want to get it but why now credit card option


No, sorry, the itchio version is Paypal only, although I know some people use other kinds of pre-paid cards.


Will there be an android version on release? P

I expect so!


For someone who doesn't like sports, Jorge sure is ripped :p


I hope One day This Game Is Gonna Be Completed Now Because i wanna see the Story and the ending Of there Love story


I also want to see them bang!


will there be an android version anytime soon?


Once the Kickstarter is over, I'm hiring a programmer, and making an android version will be up on our to-do list.

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Could you please elaborate what will be covered under BDSM? It is a very big category

Those scenes haven't been written yet and we are still accepting requests and suggestions for them ;)

Is it part of the story?


It's part of one of the routes, but not the core of it. It's just the sexual preference of the character.


Here are some proposals: bondage, forced submission, hands tied behind the back, tied spread eagled on a bed and gagged, forced to wear a tight speedo, hypnosis, hypnotized to strip, hypnotized to be a frozen statue, forced to wear a cock cage, forced to wear different outfits.


You went in on the suggestions and I'm here for it 😂😂👌


More please! I hope it comes out soon! :D

Will this game has an option to be top and bottom like Night and Day?


Only with one of the characters ;) But now that you mention it, we should make a post about top or bottom preferences of our characters. 

owww :( May I ask how come you chose this method? (just curiosity) One of the things that (personally) caught my attention the most was choosing a position xD and precisely my favs (<3Gabriel<3 and Ivaan) are tops, just my luck I guess XDD

You mean that you expected to have more variety of scenes with Gabriel and Ivaan? Gabriel has a scene where he bottoms, since he's not against it, but with so many H scenes already in the game, adding the top/bottom option would make the scope too big. At this point, we prefer to release the game within 2023, and then maybe adding more scenes on a DLC. 

I’ve just played the Demo and reeeally love it! I’d like that there was an option to hide the text over… you know... Also I think including key objects to unlock unique interactions or something else could increase the time of gameplay as well giving more satisfaction to the player! and i think some kind of gauge for the lover’s affection would be great. I’ll be waiting for the game’s release :)

You can hide the textbox by pressing "h" on your keyboard. Check the "Help" tab on the options screen for more stuff you can do in Renpy games!

The affection meter is something I have planned for the full release, yes!


You should open a Patreon :D!

...I have one XD


I really hope we get more of this, I am absolutely hooked on every update!


No android?

Not yet, no.

About a year ago, you mentioned in the comment section that there will probably be a Switch version. Is that still the case? If so, I assume it'll be the SFW version, since it's Nintendo, but that's still wonderful news because I'd love to play it on the Switch.

Also, will there be any SFW versions of your other games on the Switch? Just asking for my own knowledge. Thanks in advance!


There's a publisher working on porting all my games to Switch, but they are making their own renpy-to-unity port system, so it's taking longer than they expected. According to them, Switch accepts even +18 games, but I sadly have little information about that.  I think all the censored versions of my games except My Burning Heart (because that one would be cut into less than half the content if we took out the sex scenes) will be ported and accepted into the Switch marketplace.

Hi is there any specific release date?


We will do our best to release the game within 2023, but there's no specific date yet.


Just played the demo, and I really like all the characters. I'm looking forward to the Kickstarter! 

I loved that in Demo, My favorite is Ivann and Gabriel. But sadly, I don't have enough money to buy Exes Assault in Steam after released



Hello! I've played the demo and am very excited for the full ver. Will the full, finished version be free or will there be a price? Either way I cant wait for the full game!!!


It's going to be commercial.


whats that?

That does that mean exactly?


A commercial game means it's not free.


Hii I Played This on my PC but Im Hoping there a Android Version of this Game I really want to Play It in My android phone so Badly sorry for My english 


Can't wait to play more!!!:)


Thank you! The updated demo (with new characters sprites and two additional scenes) will be posted soon! Soon as in next week.

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It's been some time since the demo's release.

Is there any platform that I can follow the process of the full game's updates?

The game is on hold until my other project, Night and Day, is released.  But you can follow us on Twitter, since we are going to start posting again about Exes Assault very soon: Twitter


I'm looking forward to Exes Assault, so that's good news. It had beefier/masculine characters, which are sometimes hard to find in games.

MC bottom only?

(1 edit) (+3)

No. As in my previous games, you'll be able to choose in each nsfw scene if you prefer him to top or bottom. The scene in the demo was the exception.

EDIT: in the end, there will be top-only characters, bottom-only characters, and a switch.


Will there be an android version ? 


I don't know, but I'll try. There will probably be a Switch version, though.

ok thank you!!


I LOVE the demo for this game, and the characters are all super hot!

Thank you, you've made my day!


I loved games, I already reading visual novel it, I liked it. I hope Full Version released :)




I am looking forward to the full version of this one. It sounds really interesting and the demo was fun. 


I'm excited for the full version!!


Love this game so far, can't wait to see where it goes. (I need an update pls but no pressure)

Thank you! And we'll do our best to update soon.


Love the demo and art! 

Will there be any interactive xxx games? :)

We are open to suggestions! What kind of games did you have in mind? 


Like interactive sex scenes or clicking to undress the characters and get them off?


I cant wait for the full vers.

Will you release it on android? :(

Just download Joiplay and joiplay Renpy plugin from the playstore. And the download the PC version of the game and then after downloading it extract files and  open Joiplay app, tap the + sign at the bottom and then find the extracted file folder open it then find the .exe file then add. And then enjoy!!


just download the Older version of Joiplay the version 1.01.400 and the Joiplay Renpy plugin 1.00.40 thats the version im using right now. Because the newer version has a problem that when you open the game it forces you out. 

im gonna update you and thats what im gonna say,does it matter if you dont put the version of the zip or is it really required?

The version textbox is required to be filled, just put 0. I do that if idk the version as well haha.


I tried using it on camp buddy scoutmaster season and i have the same problem as the updated app it crashes how can i fix it?

Im playing on an android 11 btw

(2 edits)

is the game made with renpy? If not you cant play it using the app. If it does made with renpy, try downloading the older version of Joiplay.

JOIPLAY app version: 1.01.400

RENPY Joiplay Plugin version: 1.00.40

Thats the older version im currently using.


Excited for more updates, loved the demo!!


Really looking forward to this one, and its from a group that actually finishes their games soooo now Im doubly excited. haha


Love it. Any idea when more might come out?

probably 2023


Please make android version of this one please i know i m asking a lot but can you please try


You can play it on Android using the Windows version and the app Joi Play, if you want.



Very interesting concept so far! The only major bug I've seen is that the volume control for the voices doesn't actually do anything, since I had turned it all the way down and they were still on

Thank you for pointing that up, it's very easy to fix!


this is very promising. The characters are so handsome. I'm looking forward for the future updates.

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