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Put yourself in the shoes of a Roman Gladiator!

Fight in the Colosseum against your main rival /possible love interest while you try to solve the mystery of a most unfortunate murder, in order to regain your freedom!

Blood and Lust is a short Visual Novel made for Bara Jam. Some of the features of the game aren't implemented yet, and you will have to wait a few days to know who's the culprit, but apart from that is more or less finished ;)

What you will find in the finished version:

- INVESTIGATE IN YOUR FREE TIME: Talk with people, explore the town, find clues.

The team:

Wolfscade, sprite art and CGs.
Red-Baby, background art.
Ertal77, script and code.


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Blood and Lust- Windows 152 MB
Blood and Lust- Mac 135 MB


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Eagerly waiting for the next update!! I'm so excited! :D



The writing and art for this is really good.  I like the little subtext where Fabius likes Aelius, but has obviously never said as much.  So he acts like a dick when he finds out Aelius is leaving.  Then OOPS, Aelius can't leave.  So Fabius keeps deliberately grabbing him as his opponent every day.  

With that bit,  I like the little feeling you sometimes get in real life.  Where it's obvious there's a crush incident going on, but the subject is oblivious.  Aelius doesn't come off as particularly dense either, since he's super distracted with his situation and Fabius had obviously not made moves as bold as this beforehand.

So yeah, nice job with the writing there.

The art is so hot and the story is also very intriguing and interesting and since I LOVED CtS and A hand in the Darkness I can't wait for this to launch!


Thank you very much for your kind words!

Are there any sex/intimate scenes in this demo? I've not been able to unlock any as of yet (Fabius is really getting me hot and bothered).
Do you also have a Twitter/Instagram for this project that I can follow, would be greatly appreciated. :)


Ah... nope. Sorry, you'll have to wait until the finished version (but hopefully that won't take much longer),

how close are you to finishing this game?


Sorry, I'm finishing the last details for Chasing the Stars right now. I'll get to Blood and Lust very soon, though: only the "good ending" and the love scene are missing, and also some game features that I would like to implement, and that require coding time without rush.

How do you install it?

Download, unzip to your Documents folder, open it and double click on the .exe file!

Thank you!


Love the artwork.  Then men are so handsome.

hi is this in progress?


Yes! Sorry, it will be finished soon.

how's burning heart coming along btw?

Is it soon yet?


lol Sorry, too many projects at the same time... Chasing the Stars will be released on January 4th... in two days! So right now I'm focusing on that. But I'll go back to Blood and Lust and My Burning Heart as soon as CtS is released and I'm sure everything works fine.


I NEED to know who the killer is!

Good job. :) I really look forward to reading more! 

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i want to get closer to fabius ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

But so far there are only 2 days implemented, right? 

can't wait for more, the art style is awesome, the game so exciting! pls keep going ๐Ÿ˜‹