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Put yourself in the shoes of a Roman Gladiator!

Fight in the Colosseum against your main rival /possible love interest while you try to solve the mystery of a most unfortunate murder, in order to regain your freedom!

Blood and Lust is a short Visual Novel made for Bara Jam

What you will find:

- INVESTIGATE IN YOUR FREE TIME: Talk with people, explore the town, find clues.

The team:

Wolfscade, characters design,  CGs and backgrounds.
Red-Baby, backgrounds.
Ertal77, script and code.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(138 total ratings)
AuthorErtal Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, history, roman, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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I'd recommend it; this game is short and sweet but hits a few good spots 🥰

Thank you so much for featuring Blood and Lust! 

It's a game jam VN, so necessarily short, but I hope people enjoy it ;)


Pfftt I was too busy beating my man up and winning that I couldn't find out anything in time!! (≧∀≦) Do I regret it?? NAH, WHO CAN REGRET WINNING ALL THE TIME? MADE TO WINNNNN WAHOO


10/10 Game short and sweet, just sad it wasnt longer i was invested in that story.

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Hello! I really like your work on other games! Does this game have sexual content?


It has one scene, yes!


nice lil experience! only wish it was longer and we had more scenes with fabius; gladiators are such a prime gay topic


After all the requests of extending the game and adding more scenes with Fabius, I'm considering making a part 2 with another bara artist XDD I don't know if people would be interested in that.


Hell yeah! I'd love to see more of your work. I would also love to see you work with Wolfscade or other bara artists in the future. Keep up the great work <3


XDD In fact, I've worked with other bara artists, like Kurosilver for the CGs of Chasing the Stars and Aielia Poot for the CGs of Night and Day. I personally prefer bishonen guys, but there are many great artists in the bara community!

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Is there any way you could keep working with Wolfscade? I loved his art in this!

Love the game btw

I love his art, too! But he's working on other stuff, not visual novels. The few collaborations he did with other devs are really good! https://wolfscade.itch.io/

I'll pm him anyway: maybe we can find the time to make something for this year's bara jam.

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you don't have to! I thought he was still available, but if you find another artist who also matches your vision and can do it in time to your satisfaction, that's what matters. Out of curiosity though, do you know what Wolfscade is up to? Seems like he hasn't popped up in a while

Deleted post

Lol sorry, I guess? 

Deleted post

What a chill way to respond, dude. Respect. 

I'd have gotten mad XD I  should definitely watch and learn from you, haha.


XDD if only it wasn't the umpteenth time I get a homophobic comment... You should see the comments of the game on Steam.

Jesus, Imma check that out rn and have myself a laugh-cry XD

But anyway. Does it help you out when I download the game from one of the websites, more?  Like itch or Steam. Or does it not make a difference?

I would be glad if there was an android version of it.


I put this comment here, then I can't do it on steam unfortunately ... (technical problems) 

Even if it's a game a bit short and without many choices ... - I always stay on the charm even after several gameplays, then despite these slightly disappointing little details, it's a very beautiful game that even made me have tears in the corner of my eye when his opponent finally confides the strong feelings he has towards him ... 

Would he one day have a sequel ...? - I would have liked so much to know their life (they would form an absolutely perfect couple), after this drastic and tragic event ... 


Thank you so much for such a nice comment! 

No sequel planned so far, sorry.


The pleasure is mine. 

I just find it a shame that the game is short ...

Then no one can say the opposite, a great talent is clearly present. 

I hope your thoughts will be reconsidered, then I took incredible pleasure with this beautiful game.


Surprisingly short, I expected it to be really long. But it was of great quality. And the 18+ scene, wow. Loved it. 

Does the game have +18 scenes?

It has one scene. Uncensored 😉

(But you can choose to avoid seeing it at the start of the game, if that's not your thing). 

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey sooo what did that last update entail? Id love this game to get a fleshed out release.


XD sorry, just fixing some minor bugs that were reported on Steam. 

another bug I found: if you visit the female witness in the morning you can give her the ring even if you don't have it.

The option appears, yes, but if you select that option you should get a message saying you don't have any ring (at least last time I checked).


I selected the option. The game thought I had the ring.

Thank you, I'll look for it and fix it.

😅I got really interested in the game😍 so i was hoping that I could play it on my android phone, if I could. Please make an android port for the game!😢


I really love this game, especially Fabius hoping that maybe you add more to the gam

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What a nice game, I loved it !

I didn't expect the end, you fooled me !

Really nice drawings too ;-)


I hoped so hard that this wasn't a yaoi game because I love everything historically roman especially gladiator fights. I haven't played it but it looks like a good game.

Sorry, but it does have man x man relationships. You can play the censored option, but the relationship per se can't be skipped. You better don't play it if you aren't interested in seeing that kind of content, or play that part with the "Skip" button pressed.


I expected as much but good job on making a interesting game. and thank you for replying to my comment.

Is there a walkthrough cause I’m keep getting the bad ending

There's a guide on Steam! But if you read the comments on this page, you'll find many hints on how to get the good and the best endings 😉


A rather short but still good game.


Thank you! It was made for a game jam, so we had to keep a small scope. But I'm glad people still enjoy it!

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i keep playing the game and do every posible option in all orders, so why i cant pass day two! theres always the begining of day 3 then says "i should go to the forum 10 am" but then it goes directly to the menu screen, so what should i do is the game incomplete?

Oh, I'm sorry, that sounds like an unexpected bug! Does it say that he isn't allowed to go to the forum (that's one of the bad endings) or does it redirect you to the main menu? If it's the second option, there's nothing I can do on my end; you should uninstall the game and install it again. You can play it again with the Skip option and do only the battles and choices.

If it was the first option (Aelius not allowed to go to the forum), then load a saved game and remember he's supposed to attend his training in the arena every day, or his master will get angry.


I wish there was an android version

Me too...


I loved this, but I wish there were more scenes with Fabius, especially if we lost to him. I understand there is no further plan on adding to this game, but one can dream!

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The end of the game left me feeling disappointed and confused. I got to the end of day 3 and all of sudden without warning I get: THE END - you didn't get to know the truth in time. As it was I scrolled through the long winded dialog with very rapid clickings... the story needs to made tighter without going off course so much. I also rapidly clicked through the story because there's not enough pictures to go with the dribble and drivel. Anyway, why doesn't the game just keep going instead of giving up on the player? The game doesn't allow the player to get everything done in just 3 short days. It's not like I died or something more sinister. Again, I'm very disappointed in the outcome and development of this game. Sorry, two big thumbs down from me. 


Sorry, but it's a visual novel: it's not a game meant to skip the story. I guess it's not your kind of genre. 

I loved it -- especially Fabius.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


Thanks to you for playing! 

It looks so good <3 hopefully i will be able to play on my Android too :)

I was reading Repeat on the android version

So yeah it works!

What do you mean? You have Android version of this game?? Where can I get it?

No, there is not an android version yet. 

oh, ok, thanks 😊 his comment got me a little too much excited 😅

I was on REPEAT. reading thru my Android

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Any updates if an android version will be coming? I'm sorry to sound pushy ^-^; but I really am interested in playing this game! It looks amazing! <3

This looks rather fun, any plans for an IOS version for iPhone? If not no worries just asking. Kudos. 

Well, an Android version has been demanded before, so I'll definitely work on it when I have the time (working full time and planning a release right now), but I'll have to ask around to see if a  game made in Renpy can be ported to iPhone.

Hello :) any idea, when can we expect andoid version too? :)

^_^  I will have time to try it during the summer holidays! So, next month. Thank you for your patience!

I love your works in general and that one was also worth the time! I may have or have not fell for Fabious...

Tho, one question I couldn't get an answer for: To whom does the pendant belong???

Hahaha! It's difficult to get all the answers, right? It was a present Sabinus wanted to give to Portia the day she died.

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Awwwwww... Why must you hurt me like this?!?!


This was really cute!

 I wish it was longer though. 

There's obviously a lot of tension and background between Fabius and Aelius but we see so little over it in the scope of the story, so their romance scene seems to come out nowhere. I want to see more of them! 

The story seemed really interesting though and would be amazing as a longer, more fleshed out game. 

All in all though it was enjoyable and I really loved the art. Took about an hour to beat, got the bad ending, then got the good ending with the romance. 


I like this game a lot. CG is great. I want the game to have more stories and more CG. I like this game.

Look, I love the game's art style, but I think I need a walkthrough. I cannot get past the second day and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


On the second day, go to the Colosseum and to the shop. Winning Fabius this day leads to his scene; the odds are 50-50 this day, so save your game before the battle and try again if you lose! 

You must have the ring to achieve the good ending. 


I got it, and I loved the scene (and solved the mystery as well), I have a thing for tough guys with a soft side, but there is something else I'd like to ask: are there any other nude/sex scenes? How can I trigger them? Also, I suggest having a gallery mode, just so we can take a good look at our "rewards".

There's no more sexy scenes so far, sorry. Wolfscade is considering making an extra one, and with the number of people asking for more Aelius/Fabius I think he will definitely draw it! XDD

I didn't think of adding a gallery for just one scene... but if you think it's worth it, why not? I can add it easily.

hey any update for making this extra scene and adding a gallery? 

or is it not gonna be done :(

Hi, just wanna confirm if the extra scene you mentioned was available / done yet? Tq

You should go bother the artist ;)


This was fun! I didn't solve the mystery my first play through, or second, but I did get Fabius? So...win? xD I wasn't a huge fan of the battles, they got really repetitive after the first two or so, but the concept itself was a cool idea, and I liked the art and the historically accurate(?) weapons. I also liked how we had to use items we found.

The mystery was intriguing, and while some of the narration felt a little stilted at times (could be personal preference) I was intrigued by the story and wanted to see what happened next. 

I look forward to playing your other games! 


Just finished the game and I got my man, solved the murder and gained my freedom! I loved this little game. Like everyone else my only complaint is it is too short. I feel there should have been more between Fabius and the MC and i would love to see those two in their own little home together.

Again great work! I usually do not like Bara games as they are too overly muscled and look odd. But these men were perfect and it wasn't too over the top and the story was interesting (I am a sucker for murder mysteries).

I love the new update! Just one thing though, I don't think the MC is supposed to know the term "adrenaline"...? lol

I know, I know... XDDD

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!


OMG ! I did it finally ! Thats a great story and a nice game. Too bad there is not enough to show Aelius and Fabius together in the end ! Or a last fight with another love ending in Aelius new home ....  We need a following soon !

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Haah, I've finally played it, and it was sooo cool!

I'm not usually into bara - honestly if you were not devs I trust completely, I maybe wouldn't have bothered with the game, and it would have been a shame!

Just to be sure I had the best ending - I won against Fabius on day 2 and solved the mystery on day 3 with him helping Aelius. Does that seem right?

Anyway, it was an amazing experience, and I really hope you guys manage to make that extra scene you've talked about as an answer to one of the previous comments - I'd love to have more content with these guys. If that extra scene comes to be, will it be some sort of epilogue that would happen after the story? That would be so great!

By the way, on the last day, is it possible to get the best ending if you don't have the ring with you? Assuming you can avoid getting it on the first day or get rid of it by giving it to the artisan, of course. 

Well, now the wait for My Burning Heart resumes haha!

Thank you for your kind words!

That extra scene is Wolfscade's idea and he's the one in charge of it, so go bother him! lol



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Well it is the same ending. I won Fabius on day 2, went to the Thermae on day 3 then on Colosseum and was defeated. Then it ends again ....Thats not easy but I love it !

Oh, I'm sensing a bug... Did you visit the artisan's shop?

On day 2 ? Not that time but I did before and I was unlucky again. I guess it is necessary to open the choice to the Forum on day 3 ?

Why does the game always end after day 3 and the last fight between Aelius and Fabius, who ever wins ? I am desperately stuck there ….

*** SPOILERS WARNING***  If you go to the Colosseum on day 3, it means you missed Aelius' training on day 2. Go to the Colosseum on day 2 and to another place and you'll get the true ending on day 3. To get Fabius' scene, you must win him on day 2 (the settings are 50% chance on that day's battle).

i loved the story but its so short i hope you guys add more content its defnitely a gem especially the art and the soundtrack.


does someone know if you can move with fabius for a "perfect ending" or its just you solving the mystery of who killed your master?

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You can solve the mystery WITH Fabius.

Ngl It was incredibly short, but simple and nice to play through. I was hoping that there was more to Aelius and Fabian though. The art is amazing as well. It was short, but I enjoyed it.

I solved the explicit scene between them and it is just awesome ! But I could not solve the clue after day 3 ! Not easy lol 

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