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Put yourself in the shoes of a Roman Gladiator!

Fight in the Colosseum against your main rival /possible love interest while you try to solve the mystery of a most unfortunate murder, in order to regain your freedom!

Blood and Lust is a short Visual Novel made for Bara Jam

What you will find:

- INVESTIGATE IN YOUR FREE TIME: Talk with people, explore the town, find clues.

The team:

Wolfscade, characters design,  CGs and backgrounds.
Red-Baby, backgrounds.
Ertal77, script and code.


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Blood and Lust- Windows 191 MB
Blood and Lust- Mac 173 MB

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The end of the game left me feeling disappointed and confused. I got to the end of day 3 and all of sudden without warning I get: THE END - you didn't get to know the truth in time. As it was I scrolled through the long winded dialog with very rapid clickings... the story needs to made tighter without going off course so much. I also rapidly clicked through the story because there's not enough pictures to go with the dribble and drivel. Anyway, why doesn't the game just keep going instead of giving up on the player? The game doesn't allow the player to get everything done in just 3 short days. It's not like I died or something more sinister. Again, I'm very disappointed in the outcome and development of this game. Sorry, two big thumbs down from me. 


Sorry, but it's a visual novel: it's not a game meant to skip the story. I guess it's not your kind of genre. 

I loved it -- especially Fabius.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


Thanks to you for playing! 

It looks so good <3 hopefully i will be able to play on my Android too :)

I was reading Repeat on the android version

So yeah it works!

What do you mean? You have Android version of this game?? Where can I get it?

No, there is not an android version yet. 

oh, ok, thanks 😊 his comment got me a little too much excited 😅

I was on REPEAT. reading thru my Android

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Any updates if an android version will be coming? I'm sorry to sound pushy ^-^; but I really am interested in playing this game! It looks amazing! <3

This looks rather fun, any plans for an IOS version for iPhone? If not no worries just asking. Kudos. 

Well, an Android version has been demanded before, so I'll definitely work on it when I have the time (working full time and planning a release right now), but I'll have to ask around to see if a  game made in Renpy can be ported to iPhone.

Hello :) any idea, when can we expect andoid version too? :)

^_^  I will have time to try it during the summer holidays! So, next month. Thank you for your patience!

I love your works in general and that one was also worth the time! I may have or have not fell for Fabious...

Tho, one question I couldn't get an answer for: To whom does the pendant belong???

Hahaha! It's difficult to get all the answers, right? It was a present Sabinus wanted to give to Portia the day she died.

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Awwwwww... Why must you hurt me like this?!?!


This was really cute!

 I wish it was longer though. 

There's obviously a lot of tension and background between Fabius and Aelius but we see so little over it in the scope of the story, so their romance scene seems to come out nowhere. I want to see more of them! 

The story seemed really interesting though and would be amazing as a longer, more fleshed out game. 

All in all though it was enjoyable and I really loved the art. Took about an hour to beat, got the bad ending, then got the good ending with the romance. 


I like this game a lot. CG is great. I want the game to have more stories and more CG. I like this game.

Look, I love the game's art style, but I think I need a walkthrough. I cannot get past the second day and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


On the second day, go to the Colosseum and to the shop. Winning Fabius this day leads to his scene; the odds are 50-50 this day, so save your game before the battle and try again if you lose! 

You must have the ring to achieve the good ending. 


I got it, and I loved the scene (and solved the mystery as well), I have a thing for tough guys with a soft side, but there is something else I'd like to ask: are there any other nude/sex scenes? How can I trigger them? Also, I suggest having a gallery mode, just so we can take a good look at our "rewards".

There's no more sexy scenes so far, sorry. Wolfscade is considering making an extra one, and with the number of people asking for more Aelius/Fabius I think he will definitely draw it! XDD

I didn't think of adding a gallery for just one scene... but if you think it's worth it, why not? I can add it easily.

hey any update for making this extra scene and adding a gallery? 

or is it not gonna be done :(

This was fun! I didn't solve the mystery my first play through, or second, but I did get Fabius? So...win? xD I wasn't a huge fan of the battles, they got really repetitive after the first two or so, but the concept itself was a cool idea, and I liked the art and the historically accurate(?) weapons. I also liked how we had to use items we found.

The mystery was intriguing, and while some of the narration felt a little stilted at times (could be personal preference) I was intrigued by the story and wanted to see what happened next. 

I look forward to playing your other games! 


Just finished the game and I got my man, solved the murder and gained my freedom! I loved this little game. Like everyone else my only complaint is it is too short. I feel there should have been more between Fabius and the MC and i would love to see those two in their own little home together.

Again great work! I usually do not like Bara games as they are too overly muscled and look odd. But these men were perfect and it wasn't too over the top and the story was interesting (I am a sucker for murder mysteries).

I love the new update! Just one thing though, I don't think the MC is supposed to know the term "adrenaline"...? lol

I know, I know... XDDD

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!


OMG ! I did it finally ! Thats a great story and a nice game. Too bad there is not enough to show Aelius and Fabius together in the end ! Or a last fight with another love ending in Aelius new home ....  We need a following soon !

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Haah, I've finally played it, and it was sooo cool!

I'm not usually into bara - honestly if you were not devs I trust completely, I maybe wouldn't have bothered with the game, and it would have been a shame!

Just to be sure I had the best ending - I won against Fabius on day 2 and solved the mystery on day 3 with him helping Aelius. Does that seem right?

Anyway, it was an amazing experience, and I really hope you guys manage to make that extra scene you've talked about as an answer to one of the previous comments - I'd love to have more content with these guys. If that extra scene comes to be, will it be some sort of epilogue that would happen after the story? That would be so great!

By the way, on the last day, is it possible to get the best ending if you don't have the ring with you? Assuming you can avoid getting it on the first day or get rid of it by giving it to the artisan, of course. 

Well, now the wait for My Burning Heart resumes haha!

Thank you for your kind words!

That extra scene is Wolfscade's idea and he's the one in charge of it, so go bother him! lol



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Well it is the same ending. I won Fabius on day 2, went to the Thermae on day 3 then on Colosseum and was defeated. Then it ends again ....Thats not easy but I love it !

Oh, I'm sensing a bug... Did you visit the artisan's shop?

On day 2 ? Not that time but I did before and I was unlucky again. I guess it is necessary to open the choice to the Forum on day 3 ?

Why does the game always end after day 3 and the last fight between Aelius and Fabius, who ever wins ? I am desperately stuck there ….

*** SPOILERS WARNING***  If you go to the Colosseum on day 3, it means you missed Aelius' training on day 2. Go to the Colosseum on day 2 and to another place and you'll get the true ending on day 3. To get Fabius' scene, you must win him on day 2 (the settings are 50% chance on that day's battle).

i loved the story but its so short i hope you guys add more content its defnitely a gem especially the art and the soundtrack.


does someone know if you can move with fabius for a "perfect ending" or its just you solving the mystery of who killed your master?

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You can solve the mystery WITH Fabius.

Ngl It was incredibly short, but simple and nice to play through. I was hoping that there was more to Aelius and Fabian though. The art is amazing as well. It was short, but I enjoyed it.

I solved the explicit scene between them and it is just awesome ! But I could not solve the clue after day 3 ! Not easy lol 

Is there a way to do more with Fabius story? I have managed to solve the mystery and free myself but it didn't sound like there was enough to romance Fabius. So I tried another play through and focused just on the collisum and I got a game over because I didn't solve it? Is there anything else beyond the one scene after the fight where Fabius confesses? Because I would really like to do more with his story. The game was really good and I loved the art but it was over so fast :(

Ah, yes, it's short :( 

Wolfscade is planning to draw an extra scene for them, explicit rated.

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Fabius is SO hot!  And I just finished it.  I thought I knew the answers from the previous demo, but you fooled me.  Awesome game!!  Great artwork.

Thank you, from Wolfscade and myself!

very nice

Looking forward to the final version!

Hi, this game looks so good! Does the actual version ends before starting the trial or I am just choosing wrong options? 


No, you're good! We'll have the finished version ready in a week or so, now that Nanoreno has ended ;)

Hello I am back at it again; Was this inspired by Spartacus? 


lol no. I live in a Roman town, so we have gladiators reenactments every year!

Ohh, that's so cool! 

Yeah, I basically worm around on works and ask if they're inspired by stuff. The one guy with the buzz cut and dislike for main character reminded me of Crixus from Spartacus lol. 


Will this game be availabe for Android soon? I don't own a pc yet (not that I am that young...).

I ran into the same error that Tayala ran into. It may just be that going to the Coliseum in the afternoon caused this since when I did coliseum then the art lady, I didn't get this error. I downloaded back in January and just played today so maybe I have an old version. I looked at the traceback error and think this is the only relevant two lines:

BloodandLust-1.0-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 1600, in execute
    rv = renpy.game.script.lookup(target)

BloodandLust-1.0-pc\renpy\script.py", line 873, in lookup
    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))
ScriptError: could not find label 'eveningseconday'.

I hope this helped with your game. Additionally I just wanted to ask if there is only two days or if I'm just making the wrong decisions.


Yes, sorry, there are only two days so far, but the third day is being finished, along with the remaining backgrounds and the battle system. The artist, Wolfscade, is working on a Nanoreno project at the same time, so please be a little patient! ;)

(And thank you for copying the error: there's a typo in that label, that's why it doesn't work lol)


I loved this game, good story and art. I can't wait to romance Fabius, he's really hot.  I wish we could have more bara games.

Hey! I'm running into an error on the second day. Right after the battle with Fabius, it says "ScriptError: could not find label 'eveningseconday'".


*blinks* Really?? That error hasn't appeared for me and no one else has reported it, how strange!

What if you quit the game and enter again? Still there?

Anyway, the final release will be soon ;) Let's hope this error and any other possible ones can be cleaned before that!

Any idea when it's being updated? I love it so far


As soon as the remaining backgrounds are finished and the RPG battle system and inventory implemented ;)

I can't tell you a definitive date, but we are currently working on it!


I wish these will be also available for android version.

I can definitely try to implement it for Android! ;) Besides, this game will remain free, no matter the platform. 

Eagerly waiting for the next update!! I'm so excited! :D



The writing and art for this is really good.  I like the little subtext where Fabius likes Aelius, but has obviously never said as much.  So he acts like a dick when he finds out Aelius is leaving.  Then OOPS, Aelius can't leave.  So Fabius keeps deliberately grabbing him as his opponent every day.  

With that bit,  I like the little feeling you sometimes get in real life.  Where it's obvious there's a crush incident going on, but the subject is oblivious.  Aelius doesn't come off as particularly dense either, since he's super distracted with his situation and Fabius had obviously not made moves as bold as this beforehand.

So yeah, nice job with the writing there.

The art is so hot and the story is also very intriguing and interesting and since I LOVED CtS and A hand in the Darkness I can't wait for this to launch!


Thank you very much for your kind words!

Are there any sex/intimate scenes in this demo? I've not been able to unlock any as of yet (Fabius is really getting me hot and bothered).
Do you also have a Twitter/Instagram for this project that I can follow, would be greatly appreciated. :)


Ah... nope. Sorry, you'll have to wait until the finished version (but hopefully that won't take much longer),

how close are you to finishing this game?


Sorry, I'm finishing the last details for Chasing the Stars right now. I'll get to Blood and Lust very soon, though: only the "good ending" and the love scene are missing, and also some game features that I would like to implement, and that require coding time without rush.

How do you install it?

Download, unzip to your Documents folder, open it and double click on the .exe file!

Thank you!


Love the artwork.  Then men are so handsome.

hi is this in progress?


Yes! Sorry, it will be finished soon.

how's burning heart coming along btw?

Is it soon yet?


lol Sorry, too many projects at the same time... Chasing the Stars will be released on January 4th... in two days! So right now I'm focusing on that. But I'll go back to Blood and Lust and My Burning Heart as soon as CtS is released and I'm sure everything works fine.


I NEED to know who the killer is!

Good job. :) I really look forward to reading more! 

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