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¿El juego es corto? ¿ O es largo como el primero?

Es corto, unas 30k palabras en total, y las historias no tienen opciones (es lo que se llama una novela kinética).

Hi, is it available in Spanish like the previous game?

En cuanto acabe de traducir My Burning Heart me pongo con ello 😘

Muchas gracias <3



And with that, it's over. I'm going to miss you, Alex, Damian, Rick, and Morty. =tear=


Another awesome after story! Thank you, Ertal.... you spoil us :-).



Is there anyway i can buy it with my card? I don't have a pp account and, honestly, i don't want to, 'cuz it looks like i need to sacrifice my firstborn to create one (눈_눈)

Hahaha! Paypal supports paying with your credit card; you don't need an account.

Finally))) I thought I'll never see that again, but voila! - and I'm happy)

Thank you! The next one will be added as soon as my proofreader finishes with it!


I can't wait to see what Rick has in store for us.

This is one of my favourite gay visual novels out there.

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If I'll buy key here could I add dlc in Steam? Because I have A Hand of Darkness at Steam (aaand some other your games, by the way they are really awesome, thank you very much)))

And you really must create more games, your masterpieces  are so fun, interesting and never gave me creepy feeling))))

Thank you for your kind words!

Sadly, A Hand in the Darkness has been banned from Steam, so I can't post any updates or DLCs there.

Could we change this somehow or it is essentially?((

Steam's decision is final, sorry.

I really love this game! But I have some doubts... Will have Rick after ending? And will you translate the game to spanish?

Yes and... I don't know. 

Crees que habrá gente interesada?

Estoy segura de que si, hay mucha gente que no suele jugar este tipo de juegos debido al idioma, que casi siempre suelen estar en ingles. Además, ya que la primera parte de AHitD esta en español, estaría bien poner esta también. Cuando jugué AHitD yo no sabía ingles, y realmente agradezco que este en español, si no fuera por eso, probablemente no hubiera jugado, ¡y eso que actualmente es uno de mis boys love game favoritos! 

Entonces... ¿Considerarás traerlo en español?

Bueno, sí. Pero cuando acabe de traducir My Burning Heart, jajaja! No me da la vida!


Hahah okay, gracias, y no sabia que estabas traduciendo My burning heart, encantada de volverlo a jugar con su traducción! 

Hablas español? Mi español es demasiado por asistirlo traducir sus juegos muy maravillosos.

Hahaha, yes, I'm from Spain!

Really? I'm envious! I went to Barcelona and absolutely loved it... such good food and great sights. =sigh= I wish I could live in Spain or the Netherlands.

I'm a Canadian working in Chile.... I spent a year in Hawaii, though, a few years back and am hoping to move back there.

Yay, I currently live in Barcelona! ^_^

I can't wait to see what the bad Rick after ending will be....


Can i get a refund?

Sure, I'll look for your email on the sales list and refund it via Paypal.

Sorry, I can't find any email that resembles your user name. Can you write me to

Absolutely I sent the email rn, my email is thank you for responding!


Really looking forward to this. 


omg I'm really looking forward to this !! Especially for damians good ending after story! Thank you for making this :)


*cries in joy and hugs his computer, unable to leave a normal comment*


*sends kiss*


gasp! already? :O


Yeah, incredible, right?! It's only been three years! lol


oh right lmao I forgot it's only bc I played the game for the first time last year lol