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Help! I cant get ending 4 because every time they asked to press A the game puts a grey screan where is "Font Override"  and "Self-Voicing " stuff. I tryed every button but no luck! Bad end 3. I so sad please help me ( i have  the window version of game)

What. Sorry, nobody reported that bug before, so perhaps it has to do with your computer's settings, or the game didn't install properly. Please, try deleting the game and the content stored in your system (see route below) and install it again.  I hope it helps!

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I really didn't expect to get an answer so soon considering that some of the comments are 2 years old here. i did as you said and letters changed to w and x. Because of that i was able to get the 4 ending! It's so sweet and I'm so happy! Thanky so much! For the game and for your help!

Ah, that makes me so happy! Thank you for playing!

The game is going to be released on Steam for a modic prize (I'm thinking of $1.99), so it would be great if you recommended it to your friends ;)


This was a short and sweet game that I really enjoyed! There seemed to be great plot twists in all the choices so there was quite a bit of surprises trying to get the best ending! Thank you for the game! 


Thank you for your kind words, you make my day! 


wow... short but interesting and well done dialogues and love the art ;]

thank you!

Thanks for playing and commenting! <3

A bit fast-paced and low on the interaction side of things, it was a nice story for sure. Short, simple, and quite enjoyable. 
I can't help but wonder if there is more reason to Henry's ability to "guess" things about another person. Surely he can't guess THAT much on his own.

Can you please make android version please i love pirate series but my pc have some problem can't play


I usually love games with a little more spice to it but this is just precious and your work amazing as always!

Thank you so much, and sorry for the late reply! 


Got ending four. Couldn't bring myself to replay. It was cute and perfect! :)

It's the true end ;)


Awww... short, but a lovely story. I really enjoyed this! Thanks as always for a beautiful, fun game.


Thank you for commenting, you make my day! <3


No sabía muy bien qué esperar cuando comencé el juego, pero me he encontrado con una historia muy bien escrita y sorprendentemente plausible. Una historia así podría requerir normalmente un poco de suspensión de la incredulidad, pero no es el caso.

De alguna manera lo que le ocurre a Ian es algo que te puedes creer sin grandes actos de fe, y gracias a eso te queda un relato de piratas elegantemente escrito sobre dos hombres que se hacen amigos en alta mar, o algo más.

El arte es sencillamente de nivel profesional. Mención especial al diseño de personajes. La música y los fx están bien elegidos y ambientan perfectamente para lo ocasión. 

Además la VN cuenta con un mini juego breve pero divertido que aporta variedad al conjunto.

En resumen este es un juego que podrá gustarte si te gustan las historias de piratas y buscas un relato que entre por los ojos, incluso si lo tuyo no es el BL.


Una historia de piratas bien ambientada y rigurosa (lo normal, tratándose de Ertal). Los personajes, bien diseñados, tanto en el aspecto artístico como el narrativo, son el punto fuerte de este juego. El minijuego de reflejos es un agradable añadido que suple la (quizás) escasa interactividad narrativa. Muy recomendable para los amantes de las aventuras y el yaoi.

Muchas gracias por tomarte la molestia de comentar! 

Si hubiese estado molesto, el comentario hubiese sido mucho más divertido.

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ERTAL es sinónimo de calidad. Buena historia, buenos gráficos y piratas... ¡Piratas! ¿Qué mas se puede pedir?

Sabes que estás frente a los profesionales cuando convierten una participación en una jam sencilla en un juego sólido, dinámico..¡Y completo!

Y es que está cuidado al detalle. Recomendadísimo.

I'm going to copy and paste what I rated it on its submission to the Juegos Narrativos en Español 2021 because it gave me six categories to consider, helping me nail down every detail.


I'll explain all my ratings starting from the second category to last, then to first.

2. El mejor arte/Best art: Five stars simply because art is just that: art. It is there, it serves its purpose, and is pretty as hell haha. Art is too subjective to give a rating other than if it looks appealing/works for the story it's telling as a visual novel, and if there is clear effort put into it, which there obviously seeing as new sprites and such were made just for this.

3. El mejor guión/Best script: (Spelling and some grammatical/sentence structure errors aside) The script is nuanced for it's very short length. Yes, cliches are there, and yes, the protag is self aware of finding romance amidst death and calling it poetic. I blame that more on the length, in which the protag, Ian, had to be more explicit in his intentions by telling more than showing to shorten the script for this. However, even with that, his self-awareness is in character and also makes sense seeing as the game is in his POV. SPOILERS - As well, I enjoyed the fact that Ian himself needed real confirmation to know if he truly had feelings or if it was all a bunch of mumbo jumbo - END SPOILERS.

The 'antag', to put it in simple terms, has a slightly more implicit storyline which made the bad end all the more delightful to see. SPOILERS - I found it really in character, with his intelligence, to connect the dots so quickly (that part was kind of explicit as well). It's his reaction that I found more nuanced. Knowing what happens in the good end about his relationship with his brother and his impression of Ian, it made a lot of sense to his silent and quick approach at getting rid of Ian. Indeed, freedom never felt so bitter - END SPOILERS.

4. El mejor diseño de interfaz de usuario/The best user interface design: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm assuming that it's the GUI? Definitely the default Ren'Py options menu (given the small project), but for the unique ones, such as the pirate-themed buttons and font (including the quick time event screens), I was more than enough immersed and forgot about the default interface immediately.

5. La mejor música y/o efectos sonoros/The best music and/or sound effects: I only gave it a four because of it not being a unique soundtrack. Again, given the short project and all, it's personally no biggie for me. But when having to rate it, I took it into consideration. Otherwise, the music and ambient sounds that accompanied some of the music was very well placed, transitioned well (such as from credits to the choose your language screen), and really helped with immersion. As well, it felt refreshing seeing as it wasn't all stereotypical swash-buckling pirate theme park music, and instead, a real adventure on sea. Sound effects were nice.

6. El más divertido/The funniest: Four stars only because I didn't laugh out loud I guess? This one is hard to judge given that it's more subjective. I do like the humour that was there. Was very amusing especially with it being the era-oriented with the game.

1. Piña de Oro al mejor juego de la jam/Golden Pineapple for the best game of the jam: This one is purely personal. I love love love pirates, yaoi is fun to me when done well. The music helped with immersion and wasn't jarring.

I am the most critical with the writing, but even with that said, I didn't need, want, or expected to have a ground-breaking pirate romance. Just as long as I can see the nuance being executed well, I am more than content, especially with a small scale game like this one.

My verdict is: On a critical level, I'd give it a 4/5 or 4.5/5. I believe that even with the small scale, and the explanation that the protag tells more explicitly than implicitly (especially with it being his POV), that the execution could still be better at showing than telling. I won't get into an analysis essay-level of details, but I belive that there could've been a fine line between Ian's very tell-y character, and a more show-y expression of how he feels about certain situations other than confusion (does he feel happy confused or sad confused? I want to see that difference). Another completely insignificant complaint I have is that we don't get to see Ian's full sprite in the game even though it wouldn't make much sense otherwise haha!

But because I'm a sucker for a pirate yaoi games with a well-rounded game on all fronts (again, given the small amount of time and scope), I give it the five stars I believe it deserves :))

Note to Ertal: Thank you for making my day :DD

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback!


Sorry! I am new to this platform. I posted it in a wrong page, but I wanted you to know your design is very beatiful! Lovely use of colors and textures~~