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Any update on the full game? I purchased the pre-order hoping it would be released by the last year 2023 as promised :,)

Sorry, we have gone a bit out of scope, but we are working actively on the game and the release date will be announced as soon as we are confident there won't be more delays. Thank you for your support!

when the game is released, would you be open to making a walkthrough?


Too bad, It's not available on Android :(

I wish it were available on Android 😭

where can i get the nsfw option

You have the link on the page's description ;)


Didn't notice it's updating

iphone is almost equal to a phone right?

I really don't know, sorry. Mac isn't very fond of indie content. Have you tried playing other android builds from games here on itchio?


if only this application could be played on android would be very happy😭😭😭😭


Potentially a great game, in the future: office politics, different personalities, sexual opportunism... Kevin and Ivaan look hot. 2023 now! lol

(+1) this still demo or not ? cuz i want play this game:(

Yes, it's just a demo so far.


The arts and characters designs are  amazing!! Really enjoyed!!

Aw I wish there's a android version I really love the designs and charters. please 🥺🙏

Someone opened a thread on the NSFW version of the game with instructions on how to play it on Android, if you want to try.


我在 Windows 10 笔记本电脑上工作,它运行良好。 你能再试试下载吗?



Android version pls

Just to know, is there any nsfw scene or CG in the demo or not yet?and with which character? love the designs btw

Oh, yes, there are, but in the +18 version of the game, not this one. Only gen rated CGs in this version!

Is the game finished? Or not yet? I am not sure, sorry. There are two download buttons. If not, is there an approximate release window? ^^

It's a demo so far, sorry! We'll run a Kickstarter campaign for it around February, and the release date will probably be January 2023.

The download buttons are for Windows and Mac, so you can choose depending on your OS. 

Ahh ok! I am eager to know how it goes. :D

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Haha, this is hilarious. I'm look forward for more.

I just wonder why you put the CG variety in separate slot instead of just one slot? Is it because you prefer it that way? Because if I remember it right, you just need to add the g.unlock image for the varitation. Something like...

g.unlock_image("CG variation 1")
g.unlock_image("CG variation 2") and so on...


XDD I didn't code the CG gallery, so I wouldn't know, sorry. I'll leave it as it is unless it's too annoying for the players


hm interesting, do we have player character profile?


Thank you for noticing! Somehow, Jorge's character card was deleted in the process of editing the page. Added him again!


Its kind of sad that theres no android version to this :')


Nice game so far, I like the office drama.


Thank you for the gameplay!

You're welcome