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Me encanto el demo, especialmente el diseño de los personajes. El juego oficial sera gratis o pagado?

bueno como se que  de igual manera se que me gustara el juego oficial

Gracias por tomarte la molestia de comentar! Seguramente la versión completa será de pago, pero baratita.

What will the game rating be when production is done? Will it be spicy like your previous games? I also so love your games and work they always amazing to play.

Thank you! ^_^ 

And yes, the game will have some NSFW.

Eeeeek! Now I cant wait for it to be done!

Game: The backgrounds are lovely and I appreciate having a back button for the dialogue. The inter activeness of the collecting herbs game was fun. At first I thought it would be easy but was excited to discover that they actually move! One suggestion I have is to be able to delete your saves instead of just of just overriding them. I like to go back and organize my save files and this would make it easier.

Characters:  The uncle seems serious but overall nice and hardworking. He also had a valid point in testing the mc. So far I liked Sorin and am interested Dilian. I feel protective of Sorin and hope we get so development on him getting out of his shell. As for Dilian he seems mischievous but like the flirtiness and I feel that he's not actually bad just judged as useless by some of the village people for not having any official responsibilities. Eoin is just not my type because he seems mean to me but I know others might like it. Do you have in mind who will be seme? It would be cool if it was the mc.

Overall lovely game and I look forward to the end result!

Thank you for your feedback! Actually, you can delete a save clicking on it, and Renpy allows you to have endless saves. 

About the characters, yeah, Eoin is a meanie and Sorin a cinnamon roll! XDD I can't wait to introduce the other three guys and see what you think of them ;) 

Oh,  thanks for letting me know and yes I definitely look forward to meeting everyone else!


Muy bueno, probablemente el que luce más bonito del JUNARES. La historia es ligera y fácil de seguir, las transiciones y zooms son interesantes. Les quedó muy profesional, sin duda.

Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te haya gustado! 


This was a lot of fun! I loved the music choices and the use of sfxs. It was very atmospheric! And of course, Sinnia's art is gorgeous as usual!! 

My favorite character so far is Sorin, I want him to get away from his dad and have a happy ending ;----;. 

Can't wait to see the full version! :D

Thank you so much, you're too kind! <3


It looks interesting!

Will it have NSFW scenes?

It will be free or pay?

And will it have a dramatic backstory with surprising plot twists!?!?!? (This last is a joke XD, but if it have, cool!)


It will have some NSFW, yes. But I haven't decided yet if the final game will be free or not. In any case, the price tag would be low, don't worry!



Really interested in the game, I can't wait for more!

Thank you! ^_^


Wow, the game seems interesting. Looking forward for an english translation :)

Thank you! Give me two days! ^_^


Looking forward to play it :)


It's Daino for me. Rugged, serious, handsome, and has a weakness for small things? Sign me the frick up! Will this have R18 scenes available? Cuz you know I'm all about that smut, but won't turn down a good story.

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! And yes, it will have R18 scenes ;)

Although we'll probably make a Gen version for Android.