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Check out our Patreon!
Just a gentle reminder that we have a Patreon! The goal is simple: first of all, getting some help to fund my next projects and, eventually, achieving my life g...
The demo for our Yaoi Jam project is available!
TAKE A LOOK AT THE DEMO OF LURKERS ! September, 1888. The shadow of the Whitechapel Murderer looms over London. Eddy Nichols, the eldest son of the first ackno...
The Kickstarter for our new game is live!
Our Kickstarter will run for 30 days starting today, February 12th! Check out the rewards and the stretch goals, and share with your any friends who might be in...
A Hand in the Darkness update!
Hello, and merry Christmas! The text of A Hand in the Darkness has been newly proofread and a CG Gallery has been added to the game! Also, now you have the Eng...
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A Hand in the Darkness is now also on Steam! If you have already bought the game through, click on the game's page FROM your "My Purchases" page and a "...
Chasing the Stars Kickstarter+Demo
Just a small reminder that our second project, Chasing the Stars, is currently running a Kickstarter! We kindly invite you to play the demo, take a look at our...